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  1. Yeah, I just got the truck, so I'll be pulling the starter ! Lol
  2. I just came across this on CL, looks pretty interesting, the guy selling it must not know too much about trucks though, he is stating that it has the "original mack engine" when you can see clearly in the pic that it has a Cummins, looks like a 13 speed in it now with the auxiliary box still behind it! Pretty cool old Bulldog! Unfortunately, I can't paste in the text box, nothing happens when I try, but it is in Oklahoma City Craigslist under cars and trucks by owner under "1963 Mack B73 semi with sleeper and rolloff antique vintage" Pretty straight looking old Mack! 6500.00 asking
  3. Vehiclima is another good one For some reason, you can't copy and paste into this text box
  4. That's why I'm looking at the self contained unit, where you don't have to mount a compressor, drier and condenser, it's all in the unit, my B67T has that doghouse right there under the dash, so no under dash unit fitting, and I can't put one on the floor between the seats on the floor, because of the sleeper.
  5. Go to Alibaba.com, and look at the TKT-30ES for one Here's another one DCpowersales.com
  6. Hi, hoping I can get a little info, I have a "58" Mack B67-T ( I just got it a week ago) and sometimes when it is shut off, it will only click when you try and start it, but if you get under the truck, and turn the flywheel an inch or so, it will fire up, I assume the Bendix drive is hanging up? Is there an easy fix for this, or is it new starter time? Thanks Keith
  7. Yeah, was a little concerned about that, but I figured the truck by itself and just one car wouldn't have a problem, with 505 - 527 lbs of torque, my next question was going to be, how do you turn the pump up to get a little more power without going overboard and melting the pistons, or washing down the cylinders ? I remember back when I was young there were guys with these old B models running like mad with the pumps turned up on them, I had a fast "80" Pete, I was running late to get loaded, and was running about 90, I saw a sparkle in my side view mirror, looked and I could make out the unmistakable grille and headlights of an old B Model, he was coming down off a grade on 27 coming into Clermont in Florida, and he was gaining! Lol. I put my foot down into the pump hard in my 400 Cummins, and it was turned up A LOT !, and pushed it up to 97, that's all she had, we started pulling up a slight grade, I figured, "he'll drop off now" ...............NOPE !! He kept gaining, by now I could see it was a beautiful old B61, Not even a B73, or 75! All I could keep saying to myself was "WHAT THE F@CK??!!" Lol !! When he finally got up alongside of me, there was an older man, looked to be in his early 70's, and that Mack was a beautiful red, chrome grille, chrome bumper, twin chrome 6" straights, Full chrome rear fenders, and lots of other chrome, and it was barking louder than my 400, which had straights also, and man it sounded SWEET! All I could figure was it must have had a 300 stuffed in it, but couldn't figure out how the hell he would cool it if it did! He was pulling a dump trailer, and it was a SINGLE AXLE tractor !! He just smiled at me, shook a finger pointing straight ahead of him, and motored on by! I won't forget that till the day I die! Lol ! I also remember my dad telling me in the old macks, I guess the LF's and LJ's, that they would tie a wire on the rack on the pump? He said when they were pulling a long, or real steep hill, they would pull on that wire, which would open the rack, but he said you had to be careful or you could blow the engine if you held;d it too long, or too far open. Maybe that was the Lanova engine? But, I figure if I can turn that pump up just a little, it would help, plus I'd like to see the fire come out of the stack at night! Lol "stacks" eventually
  8. Hi, I have a 1958 B67T Mack with a 36" sleeper on it, there's a hole in the roof already, from what looks like was probably a roof unit it once had. I started looking for roof units, because I want to put air back in the truck (I live in Florida) and I came across Dometic 12 and 24 volt self contained units. I am familiar with the company because I helped my friend put one of their units on his Airstream, and it works great! HAs anyone had any experience with their 12/24 volt systems? It would make installing air so much easier if they work good. The website say's they are available all the way up to 13,000 BTU ! I would imagine that little Mack cab and 36" sleeper would turn into a freezer with a 13000 BTU unit! lol
  9. Maddog, do you think the non turbo 673 will pull a higher gear empty, or with just one car behind, or on it? I just want to be able to cruise 74-75 MPH. Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone, and Freightrain, the guy with the 9.50 gears must have NEVER left the jobsite! Lol. Yeah, I have been wanting an old A-Car, KW, PETE, Brockway, or B Model Mack forever, (an LT is just a dream! lol) just because I remember riding in them when I was a kid with my dad and uncles, I had a 71 361 Brock back in 84-85, it had a 1974T cat that was turned up and had enough torque to move a mountain, it had 4.11's and a 13 double over, I loved that truck, it was black with chrome Farr air cleaner, bumper, grille, and chrome straight 6" stacks, wish I had it now, back then I didn't think it was all that old though! lol
  11. No, I haven't driven it yet, he drove the truck down from Gainesville area, about a two hour drive, and said it did 55
  12. Yeah, me neither, that's what the guy told me, maybe it just actually had the trans swapped, I'll have to het the numbers off it
  13. Not sure what you're looking for, but I just got a "58" B67T with a sleeper box,and a 18-20 foot tilt bed, runs good with a END673 and a duplex trans, it is a single axle
  14. Hi, I live in Florida, so all flat land, all I will haul with the truck is one car 90% of the time, the rest of the time I will be empty, and once in a great while I may have two cars on it, the shift pattern diagram plaque in the truck shows the ten speed direct shift pattern, but the guy I got it from told me that top gear has been turned around, so that 5th gear is up against the dash. So I don't know if that would make it the same as the 9 speed OD or not, I'll have to go get the numbers off the trans and rear, I was just curious what gears are available, and whet the interchangeability scenarios is? But I guess if later model "R" model diffs are the same (bolt in) that will help a lot, it is a front loading diff buy the way Thanks Keith
  15. Hi, I recently purchased a 1958 B67T, it is a very solid truck, has a sleeper, and an 18-20' tilt bed on it, it was used to haul a race car, the problem is, it is only geared for 55 MPH !! It has a duplex, and fifth gear has been turned around, to make it an overdrive (at least that what the guy told me, and so far every thing else he has told me has been true. I just haven't been able to take it down the road yet! I am trying to find out what kind of ratios are available for this truck, or if the newer single axle differentials will interchange, or am I going to have to put a whole rear end out of a later model truck? I will go insane if I have to make a long haul to get a car or two and can't go over 55 MPH !! Lol !! Help !! I would trade it also, for another old Mack,Brockway, or Autocar, that is already geared for the highway, and maybe has a flatbed, or is long enough for one, if not, a short one will work, because I have a 20' car trailer. Thanks Keith
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