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  1. Yea that sounds exactly the same as mine, I'm going to try bigger I was using a 3/8 ratchet and couldn't get the last bolt out.
  2. I am trying to change the starter on a 1958 b model. Anyone have any tips or suggestions as to how to remove the bolt next to the block? I got the other 2 out.
  3. 2 of my uncles drove for them also but they are both gone now, I have the owners manual from the b 61 my one uncle drove for them but no one is left around to ask sorry I can't be of more help
  4. I have the manual from Mack for the puff limiter I can look it up and see what everything does if it would help when I can get to the manual at him?
  5. Ok had to show myself went out and hooked jumper cables to the 12 volt starter it does turn the right way. Thanks for all the help
  6. I have a b model with a end 673 motor, I just finished swapping the generator for an alternator, I was hoping to also swap the starter, I have a 42 mt 12 volt 11 tooth clockwise rotation starter. The starter on mine is located on the drivers side at the top of the bell housing. My question is, maybe I am seeing or thinking wrong, but don't I need the starter to turn counter clockwise to be correct with the starter on this side of the motor?
  7. Do you have the things that hold the hood up while open? My truck is missing them and the broom handle is getting old as a prop.
  8. I have read on here to fix this problem you can take the delivery valves out and tap the plungers back down and move them up and down to free the pump up. My question is, how do you get the delivery valves out?
  9. if you need any help my grandfather was a mechanic for Mack and i have the factory manual for he motor the original owners manual and the factory maintenance manual for the 673 and the b-61 if you need any help or info just let me know
  10. if you need any info my grandfather was a mack mechanic and i have the factory service manual for the puff limiter on the r models id be glad to help you out with any info you need
  11. ah,,gotcha,youve certainly made allot more progress than me,lol..had it 15 years,and still not road ready,,hopefully in the next year,ill be working on it quite a bit,,my biggest problem is it needs all ten tires replaced$$$lol.bob

  12. the markers just havent been replaced yet we painted it and made it useable lots of work left to do yet. also restores 2 tractor this year and kinds short on funds to finish everything but it will be in time and yeah i could be interested in the chrome

  13. also wanted to add,i know a guy has all the chrome for that truck nose,,real fare prices,if you ever need anything,and cant find it,,bob

  14. ahrite,man..u must be having a great time,,lot of us jelious,,what you got for power,and what happened to your markers?bob

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