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  1. gotta say I have never been a Durango fan...same as the Dodge Caravan. I really did like the Dodge truck when it came out around say 92 or so with ''Fenders''. I remember Ed Bruce on Truckin' USA had one brand new. puts pitt in my stomach. maybe because New York State firmly supports welfare and it seems ever welfare recipient that im working 70+ hours a week to pay for seems to drive a rotten out Dodge Durango or a Dodge caravan haha

  2. gotta say I rarely ever use heat on tie rod ends, maybe for a second to get them to break loose, then let it cool and use free all or blaster. ruined too many tie rod tubes by pullin the threads out by heating them. usually this day and age its easier to just buy a tube and ends

  3. look on the rear pass of rear housing, the flat part to the right of Mack stamped on the tube. should say 507 508 512 . the bolt pattern is all the same single or double reduction. even some newer  Mack rears that were off brand housings were the same bolt pattern. deciding factor is will your axle splines slip into the rear

  4. agree with Larry, Fontaine aka (the rebel wheel) cause they were made Birmingham Alabama not in China like they are now a days are the only ones I ever seen with a  handle. they were about the most secure wheel ever made. lube it up

  5. no weird noises or shaked other than normal, I have never seen a  B61 that didn't shake and rattle. this motor was done in the late 80's and used very little in a dump truck. it sat. I put it in my B in early 2000's . it was always a stout motor ad very clean and tight. other than a head gasket I haven't done anything to it.  I did pry against the balancer a little while putting the belt on(some idiot when they built the truck, me forgot to put the spacer plates back in radiator crossmember so there was no room for the belt. I had to loosen crossmember up and pryed it out against the balancer to get belt it. im wondering if I could have bent the balancer?? the hub in the middle of the balancer is pretty think so im thinking not. I have a few711's laying around, thinkin of just swapping the balancer and see what it looks like. btw a balancer for a 711 is NLA from Mack.

  6. gotta tear into it sunday. if you look at it, you can see a wobble like 1/2 inch like something is loose.  never thought about thrust washers. this has always been a tight  motor.only way thrust washers usually come loose is if someone slams a pilot shaft in hard while putting a tranny in. I have had a few 673's that I found the thrust washers in the bottom of the pan. put new ones in and it still ran like a top. this one has be a little puzzled. never paid attention til both belts came off. now that they are back on I stare at the balancer and see the wobble. 

  7. 1975 end707 . diesel and no I don't wanna hear 707 is a gas job. been runnin this engine in my B since 2007, no issues.  on the way to Macktoberfest I blew both belts(some of you know) ended up getting a belt back on but after driving home I notice the balancer is wobbling. never noticed this before. are all balancers the same? like 673 711, 237 300? or do I need specific? and should I look further?? is this thing on its way out? bearings?? and again is a end707. its a 711 with maxidyne head gaskets and fire rings. I dunno what the specific purpose of this engine was but I can tell you it likes to run 1100-1800 and hates anything over that

  8. we started building this truck in feb. was about one of the first around. the crossmember might be made for an old school pto but def not for one with the pump on the back and 4 lines coming out of the pump. dual feed and return for winches. we def had to modify the crossmember. everything else went straight forward except the pto programming and the not being able to use it unless the e brake is on. were a pretty savy shop able to figure anything out but this thing was not well thought out

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