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  1. probably the biggest pos I have seen in recent years. heavy mechanic and we service a lot of pedal trucks for an oil company. they are beyond junk. Bendix brand. mind you they are pedal trucks and see the harshest of environment runnin the back road but they are getting maybe 30,000 out of a set of pads . compare that to 80-100 thousand out of a set of regular brake shoes. and to top it off when you PM a truck, you cant see they pads like regular lining so you have to pull every wheel and pull the dust cover to inspect the pads. we have even had a few brake cans go bad and burn the pads right off in no time, pair that with a an automatic and a dumb driver and you can actually not push in the yellow knob and take off with the brake on . if one can is broke on a disk brake set up and they burned the pads right off on a single axle truck. did I not mention when  you wear the pads right down with a broken can it gets the caliper hot and burns the seals and rubber out of the caliper and OUR price for a Bendix caliper is $1700. they are junk

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  2. didn't some of the NYFD Macks use that blank lookin grille panel to? how about the quad headlights and flush signals on that R model? someone did some nice fiberglass work instead of cutting the square headli'tes into the  original panels like I have seen, not that I like either one. look like they came from an 80's Buick or the Chevy Chase's 'Family truckster'

  3. I dunno what the standard wheelbase was for a tandem tractor but I know I definitely don't want an ST truck frame if that was even offered with air ride.  dunno exactly when Mack started offering air ride rears

  4. lookin for a good frame and rears for a steel dash 66 R model. no junk or cobbed up garbage. would love to find a frame with factory air but I know they are hens teeth. lookin for a good clean tandem frame with 38 or 44 rears.like I said would prefer to find an air ride set up or a really nice frame that can be converted to air ride

  5. probably a B46. and a mix and match of parts. every B30 I ever saw had a 2 speed rear, never the long nose and rarely had air brakes and most had the smaller front axle with hubcaps. that truck has the 59 and up fuel tank brackets and air horn mount but looks like older style domed hubcaps on the front. also looks pretty rotten in the floor dog house area. $1500 parts truck tops. drive one of those gutless flathead wonders down the road and youll find out quick they were made to haul furniture and potato chips

  6. lookin for a nice white 3 spoke steering wheel and two beige bulldog embossed seats for a 69 steel dash R. at least an air ride driver and a regular passenger. seems these were everywhere years ago....

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