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  1. Hey fellas the trk is 15,000 .. the trk carried fresh water not Saltwater... it was an oilfield water tanker.. we shortened the trk .n specd it out too fit a 16ft ox body... put that on hold too go haul cane n flatbed haul... Trk scaled ova 100k on a few loads..ova scale..nothn wrong with the frame nothn..Absolutely No Parts Truck here. V8 SUPER STRONG N 12 spd reconditioned w new clutch..Cost 7800.00t The very very rear frame has some corrosion nothn out of the ordinary! ! From back of cab too bk of 5th wheel almost perfect..Had advertised Truck w flatbed was advertised for 28k truck sale $15,000 despite typographical error.. its one the cleaniest ..superstout!! Superliners. N Louisiana .. trk being sold because it rides too damn Rough we putn..Drivers n our Petes!! Thanks for everyones interest..
  2. Superliner in great condition ..strong v8 12spd11.24 20,000 frt spring 44000 camelbacks 4.17 gear. Double frame jakes lift axle...solid ready too work no issue's Dot certified. . I have hauled several different ventures with this trk it has no problem climbing r pulln at ALL!!!!.. truck was purchased new 1 oil field company ordered it.. as a water tank truck engine is original 436,000 serviced by mack mech Cell 504 231-4665 $ 5, 000.00
  3. Name: Mack R-Model (1980) Date Added: 30 May 2009 - 07:08 AM Owner: allentownhound Short Description: I'am listing this Mack r-model it has a rebuilt 500 mile 300HP mack engine,6 spd trans,double frame,44,000lb rears,4.17 gears,dual exhaust,nice solid 14-16 yd dumpbody, dual ram cylinders good tires,air tailgate,electric tarp,padded interior....i have painted dump,fuel tanks front bumper black,this mack need small cosmetics only. Runs great View Vehicle
  4. hello and welcome.

  5. Thats one badd bulldog!!! u have Budd. what do u haul... in that pretty trailer?
  6. is the mack forsale with the 5th whell setup????? are any b-model hoods and doors available forsale???? 504 231-4665 cell Torrell
  7. Hello Barry i have a real solid running 673 21spd.Mack 1963 B-model 12yd dump truck forsale how do i post it here on the site?????? i;am a member already. Thanks 504 231-4665 cell
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