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  1. Anyone know what model jake brake I need for a E6 4 valve engine.I have a couple for an E7 4 valve but don't think it will work.Haven't looked at it real close though.
  2. They look to be in the corners but I can't figure out how to mount them.In the rd models there was a flap that had a hard cardboard backing and the speakers mounted to that.This truck has the flaps in the corners but that's it.
  3. Anyone have an idea where to find some speakers for my 1985 r model? The radio was in it but the speakers were gone.Any ideas on others that would work in place of factory ones.Look to be difficult to mount in cab corners.
  4. Sounds like a pain in the you know what.Think I will swap it for a reman and keep on trucking.
  5. Anyone have any idea what it would take to change a Mack T2070 transmission to a 9 or13 speed fuller.Driver ran transmission low of oil and it can be repaired but I have never really liked it.I think giving the truck a few more years would do wonders for it.Any thoughts anyone or advice?
  6. Alex,any suggestions on shipping this to North Carolina?
  7. Checked out the grounds from cab to frame.All were in good shape and bolts right.I removed all of them,cleaned them and also cleaned all mounting points to bare metal and replaced all the bolts just for peace of mind.Put it all back together and still the same problem.I took my jumper cable and hooked one end on the negative side of the battery and the other end where ground connects to wiring strip on firewall.Everything works so I make up a cable out of 1/0 and run it the same as my jumper cable.Everything works but still scratching my head on this one.
  8. Thanks guys,I will check the grounds asap.Kansas farmer,this truck is automatic as well.Going to be a soaker through the weekend here so hopefully get a chance to check it out on Monday.
  9. Just bought a 1988 RD685 single axle dump.Checking over lights and could not get any to work.Checked power at fuse panel and had no power on top row of fuse panel but had power on bottom row.I accidentally touched test light to metal that fuse panel bolts to and it lite up.Anyone have any idea how power is back feeding to truck.Everything I touch with test light and it lites up.Have checked all the battery cables and found nothing,which I assume I would not because the truck hasn't burned down.It doesn't appear to be assaulted by the wiring butcher in the dash or anywhere else.I'm thinking to hard or its got me baffled one.Anyone have any ideas?
  10. I have a hood I think with this on it.Be glad to send you some photos.Call or text (828)244-5125 Mike
  11. Ron,I have a 1954 Rogers 15ton but sorry I just saw your west coast.But I would sell it cheap.
  12. Finally found it.Local dealer was able to get it but not just the fittings.I had to buy the whole $145.00 gauge but no air leak now.They said the truck had a newer gauge cluster and was part of the early rawhide interior.Never saw a truck that old in a rawhide edition.Oh well it's fixed.
  13. 41Chevy,I tried going to local truck parts store and bought two fittings but they would not work.I guess fittings on back of the gauge are metric.Not sure but new fittings would not screw onto them.Anybody know if they make metric brass fittings?
  14. Keg,i tried cutting off about 2 inches and it helped but still leaked.Just wore out I guess from 15 years of bouncing around in the dash.
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