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  1. heh heh, I ran outta likes, but I shall return,,,lol,,,you isn't right! randyp
  2. That's actually a load of pulpwood hes loading now David, We are getting a lot of it out of the way to make room to start pushing what we call plywood peelers over, bout 2 and half or 3 ft at the stump, and not a limb on it for a way long while. Got some big hardwoods to push over also, haul it to tie mill. Saving them for last, they tend to make a mess on the ground. randyp
  3. Wife axed me that same question,,,still cant think of an answer, just cant seem to sit still very long I guess, I don't even know. I never seem to buy anything very new either, cept the bobcat. Seem attracted to the 60s and 70s stuff, must be trying to go backwards I guess. I am having a good time though, guess its good to enjoy your work. Who was it that said,,"Pick a job you like, and you will never work a day in your life". I did 30 years in the coal mine, damn sure never enjoyed a single day of it though! randyp
  4. 2 more macks on another location, with motor grader and rubber tire backhoe, not working, waiting on us 2 to come back. We just bounce back and forth, too wet there now so just work where we can,,,randyp
  5. Yeah,,we were laughing bout that today. We are working right by a major highway and figured people going by prolly thought there were at least 5 or 6 working. I told him when you work right,,it don't take many,,,randyp
  6. heh heh,,,no doubt!! randyp
  7. Me and my best buddy started clearing and logging this morning bout daylight, 22 degrees, got snowed on, freezing rained on, wind blowing, kept specting tornado or hurricane or tidal wave at any moment, we seemed to get everything else. Dog stayed in truck most of day, don't blame him either,,,randyp
  8. heh heh,,thank you vewy much Professor Other Dog! randyp
  9. Looks like some well cared for machines,,,randyp
  10. heh heh,,,wonder if her "feed chute" has a size limit,,,randyp
  11. Thanks Mark, yeah, I really miss Spot, that dern dog was one of a kind, this is gonna be a good one too though, just not as mean and aggressive as Spot. Ifn she don't get a log dropped on her or run over by skidder or dozer or ground up in chipper. She stays in way too much. randyp
  12. You orta hear this Detroit scream on a 25 degree morning with a big turn of logs behind it,,sweet music!! randyp
  13. Spots replacement,,,RIP Spot,,randyp
  14. Actually, I do have wood. During my long absence, I went in the logging bidness. What I don't grind up, throw in on truck and haul, just the goodest, biggest, wood only. Yeah, I know, old timberjack is a relic, but so am I,,,randyp
  15. heh heh,,,I do now ,randypeenow
  16. It wasn't easy, had to dig some back out coupla times and till and plow and air it out. Kept it domed a lil in middle and had a coupla lil drainage ditches on a lower side and bought 600.00 of black plastic to cover it during rains. sheepsfoots aren't recommended for clay, it needs "static compaction" ie dump truck, front end loader, scraper, etc. vibration is not recommended, smooth drum rollers work ok. randyp
  17. I dint get foot controls, I hate then too. Its got hand controls and with the flip of a switch, you can change the pattern of them. I have it set on the old "case skid steer pattern" randyp
  18. randyp


    youzzzzzzup old buddy!!!
  19. Thanks all, I don't even wanna clear with a dozer anymore, its just too dern much fun to run over shit and chop it up. Total cost came to bout 120 with attachments. I been keeping it real busy at 150.00 an hour though. You have to charge heavy for the forestry cutter, its a high wear and maintenance item. randyp
  20. randyp


    This chipper is for rent to anyone who wants to deal with some "evidence". Just give it a good cleaning afterward. Goes on front of bobcat. randyp
  21. randyp


    Killer is still alive and well, still pulling shit around 2 or 3 times a week. I think hes starting to need a lil cosmetic work though. randyp
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