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  1. So looking into the 12v cool points and condenser I found there were systems with built in resistance and external resistors. I am thinking non resisted circuit, anybody know some part numbers to do this conversion? Being born into the age of fuel injection has its downfalls when working on equipment that is twice my age
  2. Yeah both positives linked together. The regulator had 6v stamped into it as well
  3. I once saw an r model dump truck with 3 the regular 6 speed with a brownie behind it. Figured it had to be for creeping or a highway gear
  4. We were just talking about doing that today, would be quick, easy and pretty cheap
  5. Got the pump apart AC model D diaphragms are cracked. Going to hit eBay and google for a rebuild kit or replacement. I am thinking I could find a 12v points condenser and coil at napa if not tractor supply thanks for the heads up
  6. Copy that I'll grab a voltage reducer and take the pump apart
  7. The one 12v battery did just fine wasn't quite sure if it would bother the ignition though
  8. Okay got it running today, not sure how much clatter to expect from an old flathead but she holds good oil pressure and purrs like a cat. There was a small weep hole shitting fuel out on the fuel pump which a small machine screw plugged quite nicely
  9. They told me it was 6 didn't notice any markings on them will have to take another look. They have 3 holes to top off battery acid
  10. Batteries are wired a little funky, positives are chained together so a negative to the frame and the starter
  11. Okay sounds good to me. We have a few gm alternators hanging around so I'll see if we can rig one up. Thank you very much
  12. The 6v batteries are junk and I just bought 2 new group 31 batteries for the other truck. Can the 6v starter handle 12v? I did some research and looks like I would have to change the generator, starter solenoid and voltage regulator to do this. Anybody have some insight on this?
  13. Yeah the b61 is looking like a dud with the double frame breaking down so I can use it to repower this truck and have one solid unit. Funny thing is the 42 has a b60 badge on one side of the hood and b61 on the other
  14. Couldn't pass up a craigslist find so next weekend I am bringing home a b42x. 10 speed probably the 401, sheet metal and frame appear excellent. He bought it at auction 20 years ago and was stored indoors since then.
  15. Now that my truck is running again I am in need of an air compressor. The one on it is pushing too much oil out for my liking, so if any body has one or know a good place to get them rebuilt let me know!
  16. Okay wanted to make sure I was on target. Are gaskets still made for the intake and exhaust does anybody know? Wouldn't be an issue to cut my own for the intake and water jacket not too sure about the exhaust though appears to be semi metallic
  17. Finally brought the 673 back to life today and noticed the valve side of the assembly isn't seeping oil on all but 1 rocker. I was thinking of dunking them in diesel but thought the pros here might have a better approach
  18. I have a 711 turbo that sits around, if you need parts you can have it.
  19. No joke that is exactly what I have sitting in my kitchen right now, a pair of group 31s. I had car batteries on it before but when it got cold out they wouldnt budge the starter
  20. I fixed the switch, but if i had the money at the time it would have been a different story. I am trying to keep it original within reason.
  21. Indeed there is. I recently bought 2 new truck batteries for it awaiting the big refire in a few weeks. Then I can start digging out the old wires and dink around with the charging system
  22. Mine had the fullflow partial bypass which was a Napa 1233. Huge oil filter, has a mechanism that screws onto the top of the filter
  23. I did a class to get my cdl worked in garbage for 2 years now the DOT so I pretty much got a class A to drive straight jobs. I may have some limited opportunity using a tow plow or a rare trip with the low boy. Nobody would hire me for tractor trailer not having experience so I got my start at casella. Regardless it is still hands down best investment I have ever made.
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