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  1. What a nice RD single axle. You don't see to many of them around.
  2. I'm looking for an 06 or newer automatic tri axle dump with 46k rears, steel body, pintle w/ air a plus.
  3. I'd like to find an 06 or newer mack granite with Allison auto with 46 rears and a steel body. It seems like autos are scarce but I may have to be open to other brands but I'd rather not.
  4. Well my truck sold Thursday 4 days after listing it. Now I need to start looking hard for a tri axle. If anyone knows of any automatic tri's in Jersey let me know.
  5. That's good to hear. I can't find a reason not to look for an auto truck. The turning radius is one thing I will miss with the tandem but everyone always wants tri axles anymore. If I'm not using the truck for myself I want out to go to work for someone else instead of sitting.
  6. Thanks for the info on the 08 to 11's. I wish I could buy a new truck. I just don't think I could justify the price tag of a new one. I still may stop at H&H to browse maybe they will be able to find something. My biggest concern going with an automatic is towing with one and not having enough control. How are the automatics towing a tag trailer? Have to ever had a 160 sized machine behind yours?
  7. Well I listed my Jersey spec'd Mack RD dump on Craigslist a few days ago. The reason im selling is to buy a tri axle. With all the praise I hear about Allison's I may try to find one with an automatic. Is there any years I should avoid? I figured I would link the ad in case any Jersey guys were interested. http://cnj.craigslist.org/cto/4429373136.html
  8. That truck looks good from the pictures. It looks like it has some rust between the double frame though. Single axle R models are tough to find. There is one for sale in New Jersey that from the pictures looks in great shape. The only thing is the price seems high. Below is the link to it for comparison. http://www.ironmartonline.com/1988-r-model-single-axle-mack-dump-truck/
  9. Not a Granite but I have a nice and clean 1999 RD with 270k miles and 58 rears I'm thinking about selling to get a tri-axle.
  10. That's a sweet rig! I hope that's my next truck.
  11. Like others said 75,000 is way to much money for that truck. I'd say $40 to $45. It to might be area related but I would want at least 52k rears on a tandem. My current RD tandem has 58's.
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