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  1. Looks awesome. That's exactly how we run our strait pipes on our superliners too. The noise doesn't bother me either. I think as long as your cab is tight and you have the proper insulation around the firewall it isn't too bad.
  2. Twins and quads are doable to pull but not to work everyday. Where would you put the second turbo at 84? I recommend Holset turbos.
  3. R Gokey are you planning on doing this yourself or are you looking for someone else to do it? If you haven't messed with a v8 before I would highly recommend having someone else do it.
  4. Brian that is going to be hard to put twins on and work it. It might be possible if you don't have external air cleaners because of all the duck work piping under the hood. Trust me you don't need twins. You can get some serous boost and hp from a single charger.
  5. Their shop number is online. Pm if that doesn't work I will give you his cell #
  6. This truck has an 18 speed mack tranny. It is going to be used for short hauls, don't need the v8. I have an overhaul kit but don't want to use it especially when I have a v8 that turns 4,000 rpms going down the track...I'm gonna need the parts sometime lol
  7. No I don't want to get rid of the motor. I have three other v8s besides this one. I'm gonna keep anything salvageable for spares.
  8. We have had good luck with the 400 good motor.
  9. I hear ya lol...but one of mine needs overhauled and I don't think I want to sock that kind of money in it.
  10. Im looking for a mechanical 400 motor. tom.brown@ecotoh.net or pm for info Thanks!
  11. Anyone ever taken a v8 out and put in a 400? Looking for hints and tips.
  12. If you can't find JRs numbers I have his home and cell leversole
  13. Dale is one of the best at v8's and like Mack Dr. Jr said sometimes you have to stay on him. He was putting one of his v8s in a Canadian CL when I was there this early summer..
  14. Sorry not at this time. We are so busy hauling asphalt and stone to well pads. The only thing I would sell is my DT International cheater dump truck it is mint condition!
  15. What's your question about them? There are a lot of v8 guys here. I have 4 superdogs with v8s in them.
  16. Curious to where you did get these at? I would love to have a few sets!
  17. All v8 stuff I have seen from PAI has been mack stuff
  18. The way I undatand it is PAI is a company that bought all the old mack parts from warehouses and such and re-sells them. So they are legitimate Bulldog made parts in a PAI box
  19. I think this is the motor that was on display at the Hagerstown plant. I have been there once I think they said its the Austalian 610 v8 I believe
  20. You can still get some V8 parts through mack. They are PAI but are still the bulldog parts just in a different box
  21. You also have to know JR's Ambac has 15mm barrels and plungers in it too, so it is one of a kind for sure. I have a 14mm Collins pump that I'm gonna hold On to. I also have a 13mm Ambac pump that needs new plungers in it.
  22. Inline is better unless you ask JR Collins lol. The 6 point v-pumps were the hard ones that leaked Mack Doctor. The 12 points were the better ones to put the 13's in and didnt leake.
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