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  1. My wife Andrea adjusting the valves on her E-9. She keeps this truck in better than new condition. But it shows my E-9 does not get as much love. She gets about .6 MPG better then mine loaded and she runs about it hard. She aint no highway queen, she knows the floor and aint scared to take her boot off so she can get her foot further in the pump. LOL. Dyno at 610 HP.
  2. Hello That is my 1989 E-9 500. I love this truck I have ran across the US a few times bringing equipment back to Washington. It has no problem keeping up with and passing most trucks on the road today, even loaded like the pictures here at 143,560 pounds. I passed the 80k guys on most all the hills.
  3. 13 miles up coyote creek. Off road equipment moving at its funnest.
  4. 1988 E-9 The day I found him in the weeds. Set of batteries some fresh fuel and a make shift key I drove him home.
  5. Hello All This is a 1975 RS700L. It has the 866. I am still running this truck today. It is pulling self unloading chip vans. It has the 56k rears and a 20k front. It is my back up lowboy tractor as well. It does all the off road equipment moving. This is one tuff ass truck. Yes PeterMack it is a Morbark, I own Eastside Wood Recycling. since you have hauled these tounge light heavy axle pain in the butts around you know what I mean when I say you gotta have a tuff ass truck. I have never ripped the tow eyes out of any Mack.
  6. hawk2881


    I have had these problem's in the past. If it really is that hot. What is the EGT temp. also what is the engine water temp. Cross all these numbers and find one that is heating up first or last. if your EGT temp, is relly high the piston oil cooling will heat the oil. might be a turbo problem plugged sticky or cracked. but check the gauges first. Make sure it is not a faulty reading. Find a temp gun and check the temp of the oil filter's. What engine are we talking about? Does it heat up at idle or pulling or what makes it heat up. You could even have bad bearings. Take a oil sample and have it tested. How many hours on engine?
  7. What did he do with the E-9 I need another one if it is specked out right... Jeremy hawk281@hotmail.com
  8. Do any of you run with any E-9's I would like to know if the MP-10 holds up to my E-9. I run two heavy haul lowboy trucks with E-9's and Mack 12 speeds. I am in need of another heavy haul truck and can not find a E-9 for sale any place. I have pulled with some MP-10 and they seemed to keep up tell we got on a long pull. Does the MP-10's engine brake work well or does it suck ass like the E-9. Thanks for your info.
  9. It started out sounding like a rod bearing going out ion the aircompressor, on my E9. I changed the aircompressor today, and the rattling noise is still there. I noticed when I turn the steering wheel, the rattling stops. I herd about a factory recall on the asserory drive units. does anyone know what the deal was with that. Any help would be greatly apperiated I run this truck daily and need it back on the road ASAP. Thank you Jeremy
  10. Hello sorry i been out int he bush for few days longer than i though. the old trk is running great i backed the fuel pump screw out one turn and it really came alive. I was reading what a few other people have wrote on here, and what do you think is to hot on my pyrometer? but it sure kicks ass now as long as 900' to 1000' is not to hot for her on the long pulls i think it would keep going up in temp if i kept my foot in it.
  11. hello sorry I have taken so long to get back to you all on this I have had a long few weeks up here in the woods grinding, it has been raining us out. I did buy the parts to fix my pyrometer what do you think is to hot at a hard pull. and my 866 only runs 2200 free spinning and loaded about 2000 now. I turned the pump up one turn and put 2 .100 shims under the puff limiter and it really runs good now. Let me tell ya this thing is a cat eating Cummings stomping big dog now. but there is one it cant seem to keep up with the new mack trucks they only loosing 5mph where all of us are loosing 15-25mph those things are crazy powerful and sound awesome when they pass ya, but I don't think I will see any of them out this deep in the woods for many years. If i bought a mid 80's to early 90's mack truck is there anything that would compare to my 700, like the off road dependability and toughness of getting drug by a skidder or dozer every day, and still go straight down the road and pass DOT spot checks, or am i better off to look for another 700? I can not thank all of you enough for the help thanks again Jeremy mid mountain wood recycling
  12. ok so about the puff limiter. I figured it out on my own with a little help from the service manuals. It was shimmed to tight acording to the book specs. It has helped, it now runs about 2200 rpm insted of 1800 rpm. The nut under the tin cover that I am to turn about a half turn I turned it a half turn tighter as well. What does that adjustment do again? I did not get a chance to test drive it loader broke down on the hill and blocked all the big trk's in for the night. Does the puff limiter shims regulate rpm? or does the adjustment under the tin cover?
  13. ok on a mission for pictures of the front of the pump it is up in the woods and i am in moses lake so pictures wont be up tell monday or tuesday.
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