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  1. I am looking for a R series wiring diagram, specifically for a 1994 RD-690S.
  2. A 315 tire needs a specific 9" wide rim, the 11R (8.25") rim is not the right width and isn't made for the pressure. They will fit on a 8.25" rim, but if you run up on a very, um, 'by the book' trooper or CMV officer, it could be a problem. Plus, your tire guy will hate you, lol.
  3. One thing about the EM-7, the torque (1425 lb. ft.) comes in at like 1000 RPM. It might work well just like it is, especially with that Allison. I have heard nothing but good things about the pair. The thing about Mack RD/MR/RM trucks, they will never be race cars, but the don't get stuck (Unless it just sinks completely) and are very reliable if you service it regularly. I have a 1994 RD690S (as a dump truck) with the EM-7 @ 300hp and an Eaton 10spd an it is a VERY reliable truck. It routinely hauls 17-19 tons, daily. It's actually my most profitable truck, lol.
  4. Does anyone know or have a chart that shows the various chassis measurements for the RD/DM chassis? I'm looking for specifically the BBC (Bumper to Back of Cab) measurement and a few others.
  5. It is my understanding that a EM7 is different than an E7 in the respect that it builds torque down low, like 1400lb. ft. at something like 1000 or 1200 rpm. I know it is best paired with a 5/6/7 speed Mack trans, mine had a Mack T2070 paired with a pair of 5.73 geared CRDPC92/CRD93 differentials. My experience with this truck is that it will not see 60mph, but when all others get stuck, it will crawl through almost anything. Its not a rocket, but it is as reliable as a bowling ball - you just cannot break them.
  6. I had the same issue and I was under the truck greasing and inspecting and found that the ride height valve had failed - that is the little white plastic tube had broken in two.
  7. I am looking for the cowl door vent on a 1994 RD690S Mack, as mine got bashed.
  8. Mack R series kinda wrote the book on vocational trucks. The E7 was designed as a low RPM engine. They are not race cars. They will haul dirt/sand/aggregate/whatever through things other dumps just will not. Most R series do not have a 'diff-lock' per say, but they have a centrifugally activated 'peanut' setup that really works. They will last forever. I also have an International, which started life as a dump and the rear diff housing has been welded many times. Asking the rearend guy why? He replies 'It's not a Mack'
  9. Is there a reinforcement that the pull pin/pull ring mounts to behind the front bumper? Its a 1999 RD688
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