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  1. So it’s possible to drive an 18 as an 8 speed without issues, and I’d you needed to slit you can? To me with an 18 speed in a dump truck is imagine your going to be shifting nonstop and would get old fast with an 18 speed?
  2. I decided to try to up by budget a bit, I found a 96 cl713 locally been rebuilt, has 7-800k total on truck. Price seems pretty fair for it. But it’s got a 18 speed. I don’t know much about the 18 speed but I feel like with an 18 your going to be shifting so much it’s going to get annoying. But just figured id throw in a little update
  3. I’ve watched some videos on them, they look a bit complicated, but I’m sure after a few times it becomes a lot easier. Just something else to have to learn I suppose. But I don’t think it’ll make me pass on a truck because of it.
  4. Any downsides to running Dayton style wheels? I found a 98 rd that every wheel is this style I believe it’s Dayton. I don’t believe they are the split style but could be wrong.
  5. Is there any advantage/ disadvantage with the bed overhang over the cab vs the other style in the pics below? One sticks out more than the other style
  6. Why is 2021 not the best time to start out? I’d anytime really the best time to start? Regarding the compliance I doubt that’s going to happen, if so a good chunk of the companies around here won’t be able to work their trucks and jobs won’t get done. But who knows what’s going to happen. Im Young, I figure what’s the worst the happens, I try and it doesn’t work out, I move on and rebuild. Atleast I tried
  7. I really don’t have any interest in working for someone. I know it would be the better way to get into it, but that’s what I’m trying to get away from and work for myself. The whole idea behind buying the cheap truck with cash is that I then have a good size emergency fund for the unexpected repairs that can come up. I’ll have to see if there’s any local companies that are hiring, and explore that possibility. For now the truck hunt continues but with exploring the possibility of employment.
  8. I understand what your saying, obviously I don’t want to buy a truck right out of the gate make mistakes and go broke! I’ve been researching this for a little while now. I do have some experience running a business, but not a lot. ive done a bunch of math on paper and if the weather holds out and I can work the truck as much as I’d like to, I think I can do pretty well. The issue before jumping into it is finding the truck. And that’s where I’m stuck, I have a budget in mind, but Eveything in the budget that I’ve found the rest is the trucks are clean but the frame has some sepe
  9. The part about paying the driver.. what I meant is I’m not hiring someone and laying them 25-30 an hour. I obviously will be paying myself a salary, but it won’t be close to that as I want to grow the business. I have some mechanical ability and feel as if I will be able to fix some things myself. I know it’s an used truck things wear out and break. No way around that.
  10. Around here is seems like a lot of guys are running older Mack’s, but I don’t know why. I’m trying to find something newer but not having much luck, may have to keep looking at rethink about my plan and do this next year
  11. Around here the rate is pretty close to that. I’m driving the truck, so I won’t have to pay a driver. Insurance is less than 5k a year. I have contacts at local companies and can get work. If you can’t buy a new truck, you have to start somewhere and an older one is what it has to be. If you can’t buy a new truck how do you get started then? I did the math and on paper seems like the numbers are pretty good.. but again I have no idea hence why I’m looking for help
  12. I’m over in ma. I mean I feel as if miles are somewhat of a dealbreaker, if I’m buying a 96 one has 700K with no history and one has 400K with no history, I’d go for the lower Mile one. But I do suppose it’s all a gamble and just a chance you take, I’m looking for one that’s relatively cheap, 25-35k probably with the lowest miles and best shape. For the first truck just to get my feet wet I don’t want to spend more than I have to, that way I can keep a emergency fund.
  13. Ahh, that makes sense, I’ve never seen it before so wasn’t sure what it was. I’m hoping to be able to look at this truck here soon and pick it up before asphalt season starts and get it working!
  14. What’s the purpose of the red throttle knob next to the steering wheel? May be a stupid question but I have no idea what it’s used for? Don’t know how to inspect the engine, something I’ll certainly need to look Into
  15. I found a 94 down south that is rust free and has only 300k on it, not sure how verifiable that is. Anything I should know about the 94s?
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