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  1. Yeah I figured besides the usual good things to check if there was anything more specific
  2. Alright. Going to look at another truck this weekend. Anyone have a good list of things I should check besides the usual tires, brakes, clutch, fluids, body, frame? Just want to make sure I give it a good look over
  3. The weight difference doesn’t really matter. But I found a clean truck down south, no rust which is what I want, but it’s got an alum bed, it was previously used for paving.
  4. Anyone have a preference on steel vs aluminum beds? Truck is only going to be doing asphalt and milling. The bed looks to be in good shape has some welds but not to terrible. Thoughts?
  5. You got the message on here or your email? I got the email I got a pm but nothing in my inbox. Whatever you do don’t click the link!
  6. I got the email too, is it a message from the site or they got access to our emails and spoofed the email?
  7. The 96 ended up being not working out after looking at it in person. So while looking today I found a 03 that looks decent, but again almost 600k miles and motor hasn’t been touched. Going to take a look at it later this week. Trucks a 1 owner and extremely well taken care of but the miles still scares me.
  8. While I will agree with you that I’m jumping into something I’m not fully prepared for, it’s a risk, and sometimes you have to take the chance and give it a try, if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll move on to something else. I’ve always heard to make a million dollars trucking Start with 2 million. It certainly won’t make you rich but.
  9. So it’s possible to drive an 18 as an 8 speed without issues, and I’d you needed to slit you can? To me with an 18 speed in a dump truck is imagine your going to be shifting nonstop and would get old fast with an 18 speed?
  10. I decided to try to up by budget a bit, I found a 96 cl713 locally been rebuilt, has 7-800k total on truck. Price seems pretty fair for it. But it’s got a 18 speed. I don’t know much about the 18 speed but I feel like with an 18 your going to be shifting so much it’s going to get annoying. But just figured id throw in a little update
  11. I’ve watched some videos on them, they look a bit complicated, but I’m sure after a few times it becomes a lot easier. Just something else to have to learn I suppose. But I don’t think it’ll make me pass on a truck because of it.
  12. Any downsides to running Dayton style wheels? I found a 98 rd that every wheel is this style I believe it’s Dayton. I don’t believe they are the split style but could be wrong.
  13. Is there any advantage/ disadvantage with the bed overhang over the cab vs the other style in the pics below? One sticks out more than the other style
  14. Why is 2021 not the best time to start out? I’d anytime really the best time to start? Regarding the compliance I doubt that’s going to happen, if so a good chunk of the companies around here won’t be able to work their trucks and jobs won’t get done. But who knows what’s going to happen. Im Young, I figure what’s the worst the happens, I try and it doesn’t work out, I move on and rebuild. Atleast I tried
  15. I really don’t have any interest in working for someone. I know it would be the better way to get into it, but that’s what I’m trying to get away from and work for myself. The whole idea behind buying the cheap truck with cash is that I then have a good size emergency fund for the unexpected repairs that can come up. I’ll have to see if there’s any local companies that are hiring, and explore that possibility. For now the truck hunt continues but with exploring the possibility of employment.
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