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  1. Diesel Engines

    Does anyone have any knowledge on fuel separation systems like Fass Fuel? What does it do for diesel engines?
  2. 89 superliner E6 300 nine speed

    Can't wait to see how it turns out.
  3. Chrome rims for spokes

    Nice rims. Hope you can find them.
  4. Newbie from Vegas

    Thanks for the input Joseph!
  5. 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured in Las Vegas shooting

    Good thing I was just staying home when the incident happened. Kept thinking, I could have been there. Praying for the fast recovery of those who got injured during the unfortunate incident.
  6. Newbie from Vegas

    Hi! Thanks for adding me to the forum. My dad is putting up a logistics company and is looking to buy a truck. Is a 2013 Mack MP8 a good choice.