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  1. Yes Dutch.... couldn't tell you...😬
  2. maybe you guys would like this.... even back in the early 80s very rare up here in the Netherlands.. this guy i went to school with took it apart until the very last bolt en rebuilt it probably in a better state then it left the factory... (I know how he is😉). nice piece of American transporting history we don't see that often up here.👌🏻
  3. As far as i know it can be done in the Netherlands (where you bought it at least lookin at the picture )after you fixed the export papers www.truckgadgets.nl according to their website.. maybe they can give you more info. menu-->techniek-->begrenzer aanpassen/verwijderen ( remove/calibrate speedlimiter)
  4. Functioning superb... and indeed saves a lot of brake overhaul (see picture breakpad wear indicator) was after little less then 1000000km
  5. yes it has... my 15.6L engine had 408hp braking power maybe not extremely strong in comparison to a J-brake i suppose ,but SCANIA chose as far as i recall in the late 80s for developing a wearfree hydraulic brake (retarder)integrated in/mounted at the backside of their gearbox... adding an extra 610hp/3500Nm of braking power in my case. The latest 2021 version delivers up to 4700nm braking torque..... so their classic engine brake itself hasn't improved that much throughout the years because they didn't need to.
  6. 15.6l 560hp 2700Nm euro5 just serviced... 20170311_111259_01
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