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  1. Does anyone have the part number for national seal wheel seal

    I got a seal from mack stemco brand leak same day I put it on and cost 77.00 dollars 

    I have replaced 1 before but can't remember or  find the part number 


    Need to order 1 in the am so I can be ready Monday 


    The stemco was hard to get over the mounting area then wouldn't turn once it was on so I know it was going to fail but mack had closed and I was trying to work 


    Thank you for your help


  2. Ok guys 2000 rd688s e7 400 8speed fuller 

    I can hold the pedal to the floor in every gear it will reach the top end and the boost drops even in 8th gear 

    Where should I start cause I can't remember the truck doing that before 

    I have a  driver in it so it's been a while since I drove it..

    It does feel like it pulls like it use to when I did drive

    Check airflilter it's good but going to replace it tomorrow anyway 

  3. Ok guys I can't seem to get a break ..

    Dump truck 

    300 hp e7

    Allison auto

    Last week the pipe that runs to the back off the turbo broke in half rusted so I replaced it 400.00 smh

    2 days later truck started making a noise like something is rubbing 

    Truck was loaded asphalt got load off drive it home bout 40 miles took it to the shop another 15 miles had valve adjustment done to check things out everything is good replaced o ring behind oil filter set up as it was leaking thought maybe sucking or blowing air 

    Pick truck up they said they didn't find anything but they hear the noise 

    The noise co.es and go 

    I check turbo wheels no play there no lost of power oil pressure is good like always 30 idle about 50 driving I'm at a lost cant keep tossing money at it 

    I'll get a video today of the noise 

    Any thoughts to check where to look anything would be appreciated 



  4. 32 minutes ago, terry said:

    Don't know if you have a slow season, but welding might do till you have time to tear down.    terry:MackLogo:

    Yes slow season is usually around December 

    I've been keeping a eye on it since I had it welded and plan to continue until it pays for itself 

    May just order the unit and have it ready and waiting till bad weather days shop says 2 days top but 1 most the time 

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  5. 7 hours ago, Rob said:

    Last summer I installed one of the multi piece Stengle Bros. pieces on a garbage, (rolloff) truck. If you can stand the price, it is the one to use citing what has been stated already. 

    Not a hard job, but heavy.

    Think that's the 1 he use just cut old out install new no frame spreading what he said

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