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    Cats, trucks, old iron, welding, machining, fabrication. Work. Field service, ranching and farming. Old anything. The way things used to get done, men of iron and rigs of wood sort of thing... Grew up on the ranch with cats and trucks. Still have one of them, a 59 GMC with a big gasser. As a kid it was a COE Ford with a 318, then a Cruiseliner with a 350/380 Cummins big cam. Replaced it with the conventionals. Finally got another Mack. If it aint a Mack, it better be a KW.

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    Freightliner Classic 1992, detroit Kenworth T600B 1991, cat Kenworth W900L 1992, cummins Macks gotta cummins too.
  1. Name: Kenworth T600 (1991) Date Added: 23 June 2008 - 04:34 AM Owner: cable cat Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. all the superliner pics I have snagged, swiped, borrowed, copied, and just plain stolen from wherever I could get them. Sorry if yours isnt here, post a pic and I will swipe it if I can...
  3. general pics of my t-600 working at the ranch or the gas fields, and the 1961 trailmobile jobsite trailer..
  4. My macks have the best of any of those... they dont go for one reason or another, so they just sit and think about drinking fuel, but they dont use a drop!
  5. I usually carry about 12-24" of the various air hose sizes, quick-connect fittings for the nylon type hose, one extra heavy rubber air can hose, one of each light used on the trailer and truck except for headlights. tape, hand tools. spare tire is usually tied underneath on the trailer, the faint of heart aint getting it out. fluke, torx, screwdrivers, hose clamps, zip ties. both of the otr trucks here pack the same basic stuff, and the stuff particular to the trailers they usually pull. one gallon of engine oil, one gallon of 50/50 and usually one gallon of straight antifreeze. WD-40. enough fittings to bypass failure of an air ride system and continue on with the air ride working. cc
  6. pretty sexy dog! lots shinier than my old oilfield toter. Maybe someday... first step is the rear end, then tires. Not a big problem. Then its the little stuff, and a paint job. At that point I have to figure if I want to keep it a 5th wheeler, a flatbed, a sleeper truck, or keep it as a lowboy/oilfield truck. If it goes back to oilfield work, then its getting the floaters put back on the front. Paint will be the mint green and black fenders, black top and dull silver frames. lots of plans, so little time with good weather! cc
  7. my superliner is a double framed truck, both the inner and outer rail are the 1/4" variety. The old cruiseliner that we had had a thick single steel frame, as I recall it was in the 1/2" range or so. for sure not a 3/8" or 1/4" frame. Bitchin' stout cabover, only thing I despised was no power steering. Would have made life easier. It was a 186" wheelbase, bought the 235" KW900L, could put it in a tighter hole easier than fightin' the old cruiseliner. Probly oughto of just put power steering on it, instead. its okay, there is PS on the superdog.
  8. Once we freed up the rack in the injection pump, and made sure the engine oil & coolant were topped off, it started and ran just like it was used yesterday. I'm betting the V*lvo junk wouldn't be capable of that. I despise volvo and what they have done to some good companys, but... they make a bitchin' good industrial engine. No idea on truck engines, but the ones we had on crushers in the pits would just run, and take it all in, the good the bad the ugly, and run some more. Reason we had Vulva-pentas was fuel economy versus big cats or cummins kts. Wish I could remember the engine models, but they didnt mean anything to me then. Or now, really. As far as vulva ruining the trucks, well, ya, they did that. They will probably go to hell for it, but not before they reap the profits. cc
  9. So I have this mack superliner with an spicer 1252A front box and a 1241C aux. box. Does anyone have any gear ratio specs on these gear boxes? Reason for the asking is I have to put rearends in the truck, it had 5.02s in it for toting heavy lowboys and the like. I have an inkling that the 5.02s are going to be pretty slow for my intended work load, but I also figure that the 3.86s I have on hand are going to be pretty tall, as well. I dont really want to put a 13 speed in it to mate up to the 3.86s, so.... for the time being it is getting what I have, but long term I want to figure up the gear changes for optimum cruise and still retain low end holes for getting out of field. Thanks in advance, cc
  10. For some reason I am thinking that 9 inches is the magic number for RW7 frames, but could be I am all confuzzled. Not sure what depth the RW6 had.
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