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  1. I am looking for a 5ft Mack bulldog that dealers at one time displayed in show room can anyone help thanks. Dave
  2. I am looking for B77 hood badging I can't find this no where I have been looking for a wihile now Can any one help me find them or know of them Thanks
  3. I have a quad box 5x4 Mack and there is a pto on the right front side of tranny where can I get a cover for this I am going to remove the power take off unit my truck is a B77 with a LJ cab can any one have any ideas
  4. Hi there I would take 4or 5 sets for sure or maybe more let me know Dave
  5. Thanks for the reply I haven't got that far in it I just saw 2 battery and all4 cables head to the starter and wondered why
  6. can anyone tell me if a 335 cummins is 12 or 24 volt system and if so I do I tell the difference thanks
  7. I guess you can pick them up here and there is no problem because they are parts I would prefer you take the hole tandem in one piece I will send you pics
  8. Hi Vlad these drive axles are in tacked they are complete with rims and tires and turuion andtorque rods I justed unbolted from frame and rolled them out . Let me know this is a good set
  9. Ok that would be great if you could I am also looking for the metal interior window trim ring around the windows also and the vent windows and frame to thanks
  10. Thanks beaver dam my B77 as a 335 cummins with a quad pled 5x4 transmission in it
  11. I am looking for window crank parts for both doors for my L J cab ca any one help
  12. Ok I will give it a go and I am looking for B77 badging and mirror brackets for a LJ cab and other parts this is my project
  13. Ok I will give it a go and I am looking for B77 badging and mirror brackets for a LJ cab and other parts this is my project
  14. Well I bought it from a friend of a friend and I when to go a see it and it runs he asked me if I could run a 2stick and I laughed so I took it for a run and it shifted well so I bought it I bought a take of Mack air ride suspension and single axle and this truck is going to pull my travel trailer when it is done I plan to have a really proud looking Mack B77 when I am done but I am finding it hard to find parts for the LJ cab maybe you people can help I don't know how to put pictures on this I am selling the set of drive axles and camel back susp as one piece do you know any one that would like this set
  15. What would you like to know about my 1958 B77 I am new to this site
  16. I did buy the truck you are talking about the 1958 Mack B77 which as a 335 cummins in it
  17. I am looking for parts for a LJ cab for my B77 can any one help
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