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  1. Can you install a newer heater box and A/C unit from a newer R model Mack into a 1973 or1975 R model. Will it bolt right in or is there a lot of modifying.
  2. You don't need a Mack to pull your Toterhome. Sell me the interior or the Mack and by a Freightliner to pull your Toterhome!
  3. Hello Just a little information I need to know. I have a chance to purchase a 1975 RS700L Model RS786LST. Do you know much about them. It has 3 sticks the truck is all factory as far as I can tell. Can you still get parts from MACK for them and how does the 3 sticks work. 

  4. Can you still get OEM body parts for a 1975 RS700L. Or are parts hard to get from them.  Looking for a complete dash  without gauges if possible                

    1. kscarbel2


      When you called Watt's Mack (provider of the BMT website) at 1-888-304-6225 with your model and serial number off of the vehicle identification plate located on your driver's door, what did they say?

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