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  1. What is the ratio of the rear end?? Richard
  2. I will be there with Green 1961 B-67. Going to I-80 Truck Stop Fri. If gathering is Sat what time?? Hiwy 50
  3. Freightrain--- Mine runs 52 MPH at govoner setting of 1900 RPM with 4:24 gears. What speed does yours run and at what RPM. Thinking on changing govener to 2200. Richard
  4. Third weekend in a row I have driven my B61 to a ATHS function, total 1032 mi. Temp 100 degree, dog house makes it hot. I really respect the old timers that did that every day. Question of the month. How long is a 711 dipstick?? Cable on mine, like a speedometer cable, is unraveling. Not sure of oil level. THANKS Richard
  5. I would like to replace the broken one on my dash. Does anyone have one for sale. Richard
  6. Bigdog, My Mack, B67T10008 is titled as a 1964. Your dash picture shows a box with two switches to the left of the dash gauges, Mine has the remains of this box. What is it. Thanks Richard
  7. Looking at a sale flyer I saw listed a Mack/Ford tractor. The picture shows what appears to be a Ford cab over with the word MACK over the grill. Is this for real or some ones trick placing MACK on a Ford cab??
  8. Is there a source for the rubber bumper or cushion on a B model hood latch??
  9. Memory seems to failed me in the 7 mo. since driving truck. Governor set at 1800. Told I need to shim hi pressure spring. Any idea of thickness shim washer to increase RPM to 2100.
  10. New to Mack trucks. Tires are 11-22.5, 41 inches tall. Transmission is 5 and 2. Last drove with GPS, guess it was wrong. Installed speedometer gear so now speedometer works. Driving this weekend to ATHS show, will check to se if possibly not shifting out of low range. Thanks for all replies Richard
  11. I have a 1964 B67 that against the governor, 2000 RPM, runs 52 MPH. The truck is equipped with a 4.25 rear end. I want to run 65 MPH. The speed, RPM, ratio formula tells me that 65 at 1800 RPM needs 3.40 gearing. With a 711 engine pulling a 1 car trailer is there power to pull this gearing and is this ratio available? Thanks Richard
  12. Have a B model. Springs in latches are weak. Is there a way to rebuild them or a replacement with round tube?? Thanks Richard
  13. Have a B 67 single axle truck. Where do I look on differental housing to find ratio?? Thanks Richard
  14. Interested in rear end. How do I get in touch with you? Richard
  15. Is there rear end for a B67 Mack I can interchange to run 65 MPH at 1700 RPM, or does the truck have the power to do it ?? Thanks Richard
  16. Recently purchased a 1962 B67. Does it start on 12 or 24 volts. Thanks Richard
  17. Is a B model Mack negative or positive ground?? THANKS Richard
  18. Recently purchased a 1962 B67 tractor. Way too slow. Is, was, there a ratio near 4.00 available?? THANKS Richard
  19. Purchases a 1962 B-67 tractor. What does the Truck Tractor Protection switch do? Thanks Richard
  20. New to Mack trucks. Where do I purchase a transmission speedometer drive gear for a 1962 B67 with a 5 and two drive. Thanks Richard
  21. Why is the hood side trim on a B-67 different than other B series trucks?
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