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  1. Happy birthday, can't believe someone's older than me! 73

  2. Thanks for all this help, and hope ya'll have patience. He wants to put a B series on a late model running gear such as a Pete/w cat power, etc, for a working road truck. The rear end of the hood, fender extentions on the long noses were what I was wondering if they would match the front of the B61 cab. We could have one complete running 61 and a parts 61 to work with if he used my old B61. Cab mounts and such would have to be made to get it all to sit on a late model frame. It may better to throw sentiment away and just get a B long nose, cab and all. To switch subjects to Trannys for my V-12 #1: How heavy are duplex-triplex trannys? I need to hold weight down on this, because it'll be on a 1 ton frame and suspension. The V-12 weighs almost 1500# alone. #2: Isn't a duplex just low and direct in the aux? Triplex is low-direct-high in aux? #3: Are the gear ratios the same in the duplex and triplex main box? Thanks again Cayoterun
  3. Will the hood, fenders, and radiator from a B75 interchange with a B61. That is, match up to the cab? We can buy my old B61 back. It's not 20 miles from us. My son might like to fix up the old truck he was raised with. Thanks, Cayoterun
  4. I'm learning alot a new tidbits about the B's. It's been over 45yrs since I was around them, and they were all alike with the same company, except the one I used here on the farm. My son should be showing up on this site. He carries a wireless computor on the truck with him. He needs to be learning with the "old man", too. Thanks to all, Cayoterun/Okla
  5. Your story matchs one here. One of our bulk distributors put a V-12 road tractor under his bulk semi tank truck he hauled from the refinery down state. His mileage was right on target with yours. Didn't take him long to trade for a diesel. I don't think he had a gas line to the trailer tho. Cayoterun
  6. http://www.youtube.com/haystack155 Anyone interested, You can hear her run on utube. I've changed the head and one piston on the right front bank since. The vapor coming out of the water jacket is just warm air. It was pretty cold in the shop and had no water in it. It was only run the 2 1/2 minutes. We, also, wear ear plugs. Cayoterun
  7. These #s are from my factory maintenance manual: Cubic In. 702.4 Bore: 4.56 Stroke: 3.58 Comp. ratio: 7.5 S.A.E. hp 99.80 Gross Brake hp @ 2400rpm 275 Max recommended rpm 2400 Gross torque 630 @ 2400 Net torque 585 @ 2400 Torque #s aren't a typo. The motors are luggers. Since natural gas and propane doesn't develope the same as gasoline, I know that when they needed to be bored, they had a propane/hi-altitude slightly domed piston they used which are in the engine I have. I don't understand GMCs hp ratings, as it seems they should be rated higher. I really like to hear them start and run. They have a sound all their own. and LOUD. Hope this is helpful and not too long winded. Cayoterun
  8. They're still using alot of natural gas coverted cummins, Minneapolis-Molines here. Many of them have changed to straight diesel engines now. For awhile, they could burn diesel cheaper than natural gas from wells on their own land. Don't make sense, but the gas companies that produce them had them bound by contract. Many foreign diesel motors, Dawoos, etc. are used now too. Won't be many years 'til irrigation will be history here. Water table falling, hence weaker wells, high fuel costs, etc. We never did drill wells on our place, and glad we didn't. Cayoterun
  9. All this engine has known is natural gas. It ran stationary on a 10" water pump from '64 thru '85. I tore it all down, and cleaned all the gunk out I could. Put a used head and two used pistons in and it runs pretty good now. Of course, new parts are history. It has .30 over propane pistons, and standard bearings. The engine has the equievelent of 5.5 million miles on it. That's stationary, 24/7 for about 6 mo. a year for 21 yrs. No telling how many times it was overhauled, at least one bore job. All engines run a long time on the pumps. Must be the constant temp, lube, & rpm. The farmers loved these and V-6s both. The sure burned lots of fuel. It smoked pretty bad on first start up, but changed one head and piston, and it runs pretty clean now. It will always use some oil tho. A neighbor had one, burned propane while natural gas line was being worked on. It used 22 gal an hour on propane. They are a simple and easy old engine to work on, aren't they? I'm enjoying trying to get it up and running in something. Feel like I'm saving a piece of GMC history. Cayoterun
  10. The V-6/V12s were built by GMC from '60-'66. I went to work for the guy that put this engine in service in 1964. I came out of the Army and started taking care of it in Feb. '65. Decided I wanted to do something besides old cars/travel trailers. The engines are almost all gone to the scrape pile. Found this in a neighbors barn. Was reunited with her after 42 yrs. She's up and running now, and am wanting to put her on a 1-ton truck frame and suspension/w a '62 GMC cab and front clip. Have a video of her first start and run on Utube. Cayoterun
  11. Hello, Hope it's ok to ask my question on this thread? It pays to look and read. We were wondering what years the Bs were built, and bingo, here it is. '53-65. I knew of the two hood lengths, but didn't know about the cab designs and hood widths. My son is 6'4" and the B Models were never very "tall" friendly. Is there a cab/w long hood with more leg room? Also, I'd better 'fess up. I sold my B61 several years ago, so maybe shouldn't have listed it as it appears I still own one. Thanks, Cayoterun
  12. Thanks for the welcome. NoClueJoe66 Been slowed down on the V-12 lately. Had two family funerals to attend in NM. Have the motor up and running pretty good, just trying to match a clutch/pressure plate, and 5over tranny. Meantime, been taking trucks apart. The direction we're going now, we'll use a '72 Ford 159" wb frame & suspension, '62 GMC cab/front clip, & 9' flatbed. Not too crazy about the twin-I beam, but in good shape and cheeep. This truck won't be driven very much anyway. If anyone here has an extra 5spd overdrive, 1 1/2" 10 spline /w a 1" pilot input shaft tranny, I'd sure be interested. Thanks, Cayoterun
  13. I'll try to find B61 Fred. I'm not familiar with this site navigation yet, as well as not too good with computors. All my son really cares about is good cab and sheetmetal. He wants to hide a late model driveline under it, slick it up real nice, and go turn some heads. I've always liked fixing up the old iron and now both my sons have caught the fever. When we finish one, we want to use and enjoy them. Thanks, Cayoterun
  14. Hello, First time here. Drove road trucks in the early '60s. Was around B Models, both tri-plex and duplex. Always liked the trucks. Moved to farm in western Okla mid '70s. Used a '64 B Model, duplex, single axle for years hauling farm machinery locally for own use. Two sons grew up with the truck, now one of them wants to find and restore a B75 with a modern drive line under it. I've restored 9 late 50s-60' convertable cars, 2 old travel trailers, and now working on putting a 1964 GMC V-12 propane motor in a one ton truck. All as a hobby. I like the idea of him wanting to fix up an old B75 to road worthiness, so have found this site looking for info and learning what you guys are working on. He is a road driver now, but both of us will be reading this forum. Now retired, rented out farm, but still live here and have the shop to tinker in. Looking forward to learning what's going on in the old B Models world. Thanks, Cayoterun
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