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  1. Does anyone know or have the contact info for the fellow at Macungie that has the r model headliners for sale? It's not the person who sets up on the corner with the trailer but a guy in one of the grass rows.
  2. What's left of an r model hood. I bought it to paint front,wire new lights and hang on my shop wall. Rest of hood is not in bad shape. Some cracks and repairs but no chunks missing.
  3. I'm looking for help. I have marked every air hose during disassembly of truck. Also kept every hose. Except this hose. It's the front lower port on an e6 valve. I don't know where or what it routes to.
  4. There's just enough drop outside the door for the tips to clear.
  5. I think there are just 2 pans both are available. Not cheap. Get to fabbing.
  6. I will bolt the brackets up tomorrow and post some pictures. Thank you for all your help.
  7. The hood is the same as the second photo. The hood guides are not the issue its the brackets that they bolt to that are way off. I cannot figure out what is wrong. The brackets that came on the donor cab where tight to the cowl. can't find those.
  8. I am currently doing some reassembly on an 1980 r700. The cab was toast so I bought a donor cab 1985. Gutted it and put it back to a tan interior 79. Cab doesn't appear to be tweeked. The hood latch support brackets are not even close to fitting correctly. They are off the r7 cab. The passenger side bracket is too long and the holes for the hood latch do not come close. The driver side is close but way to low. Brackets are not bent or tweeked everything is straight. Any ideas.
  9. Bought the dash pieces for my r. The original had tabs welded to the structure. The tabs are fastened under the dash support cross bar. The new panel has these 2 holes. Are there more parts to make this work? The bar has no other holes in that area. Also does anyone know the part number for the hollow bolt like wiper washer fluid nozzles that mount on the cowl.
  10. I have a rear window out of an r model. Some small scratches, not bad though. Free
  11. Coenut

    U model seats

    Sorry just saw the year.
  12. Coenut

    U model seats

    I have a few passenger side jump seats out of an r model. Tan vinyl.
  13. Coenut

    New tractor

    Congrats on the new truck from a fellow fxf driver.
  14. I have a complete set that I pulled off a donor cab. Not sure if you can buy them new.
  15. It is a pretty decent truck and has been there a while now. Glad to see it wSnt scrapped. Although I feel like I've seen it for sale in the syracuse area.
  16. I received one as well. I figured it is because I am not bringing a truck this year. No big deal.
  17. I bought a pair from an auto electrical site. ill check my invoices and pm you. came with washers and nuts.
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