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  1. Dynoed 1059hp yesterday. Still an E6
  2. I live near and have looked at it. It's rough, but very cool. It will rot into the ground before its ever sold cheap.
  3. You can drive it and pull a trailer. It has no clutch brake, but it goes into gear surprisingly well.
  4. The highest static (no RPM) pressure on the Crower is 2344lbs which is a little over half of what a 2050 ft lb eaton has. But you have twice as many disks. I think it's safe to say a Crower will hold what the eaton will at say 1200RPM. Once the revs come up it gets way stronger. With a full set of weights, you can't hold the clutch pedal down past 2800RPMs. Pretty sure the clutch cable starts stretching. At normal highway RPM it drives like an eaton, takes off smoothly, and requires way less leg than a 6000lb Lipe!
  5. We have one that has put 970HP to the wheels. It doesn't pull trailers though, just a sled.
  6. Been a while. We're into tearing up valvetrain now. Broken lifter, wiped cam.
  7. Dad's Superliner. He always wanted a V8, but this E6 350 4v will do.
  8. We made 972hp 2332trq last weekend.
  9. Thats ok, we're hoping to better that by a good bit this year anyway.
  10. Mostly a play toy, my Dad retired and we kinda retired the truck with him. They could both come back if we got in a pinch. (He still has a valid CDL and medical card and the truck still has a wetline
  11. Pic of Dad's Super hooked to sled.
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