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  1. I have a 1988 Mid-Liner. I believe it is a CS300. It has the six cylinder Renault in it . Between the second and third cylinder it is leaking something I'm not sure if is coming from the valve covers or lower, I'd guess lower.It sounds like a air leak but it has a rhythm. It gets much quite as the truck warm up.There is some oil in the area. Anyone have an idea ? Thanks Tom

  2. over the winter i put a new master and slave clutch cylinder in my 89 midliner.when the weather got warmer i looked under the truck and saw a drop of fluid on the slave fitting.My Q is what type of fitting is on the slave to the line ,from what I remember it looks like compression
  3. Thanks ,when the dealer told me i had to buy the pump i thought he ment the "PUMP"maybe i will call for the price.Iam thinking of makeing one.All it does is hold the pump down,no springs or moveing parts in it ?
  4. I have a 1988 mack midliner,I need the cap that covers the primer pump on the fuel pump.
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