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  1. This has been done. It helps if the dealer you bought it from is also the dealer that has been repairing the problems. They need to get the DSM (distric service manager) involved and if he doesn't seem willing to help then time to start calling corprate headquarters. I will say this, we have customers who are used to older RD's and CV's that have very few breakdowns ( 1 breakdown/engine repair every 2 years) and then get into the GU's it' s whole different ballgame with breakdowns. Not that their bad trucks, but the techs working on them are used to very simple "Mack" engines and electronics. It's like working on 5HP Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engines all your life and then they make you start working on 2011 Corvette engines, sure it's still a engine but a whole different animal we have to learn. We at our shop have seemed to figured out most common problems with the MP engines and DPF's and of course now we have to deal with 2010 emissions and urea injection/SCR. Due to the EPA we are always having to change something or add something to the engine. It's not just Mack thats having problems, everyone else is too. Sorry to get somewhat off topic but here latley I have seen Mack take in 3 2008 CHU's on some special trade deal due to constant engine problems and replace them with 3 2011 CHU's with SCR engines. Dont know the details but the customer was very upset with Mack over the 2008 engine problems but did the trade anyway so it must have been a great deal.

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