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  1. Finished this MP8 up today. Runs good. The new double idler gear came with the nut staked. I staked the nut even more. Truck runs great, customer happy. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Sorry for the delay in writing back. I'm assuming this could have been a lot worse. The teeth on the air compressor gear are almost completely gone. The intermediate gear loosened up enough that it wore a circle groove in the aluminum cover. I am getting all parts in tomorrow incl. gears, bearings, compressor, oil pump, cooler, and gaskets. So it looks like Monday I will be starting assembly. There was a ton of metal in the pan. I haven't done too muck work to these engines, so I dont mind this job. I def. dont want to be doing one of these a week, thats for sure. Have you been pinning the gear nut after repairs are done?
  3. Just got the eup. I am going to replace it.
  4. I really appreciate the advice. I had a customer bring me this truck all taken a part with the tranny removed and engine hanging. They have a maintenance shop and got in over their head with this one. Now I am the lucky one. Just curious when you receive these jobs do you remove the engine or do the job in the frame and remove transmission? I had 2 local Mack dealers told me they never heard of this problem. I am having hard time getting parts.
  5. Working on 2008 Mack with MP8 overhead cam engine. Ive got problem where the gear on air compressor keeps getting chewed up. Removed tranny from truck and removed timing gear cover from rear on this engine. Found the intermediate idler (double idler) gearset rubbing into aluminum timing cover. Wanted to know if anyone has come across this problem before.
  6. I wanted to check the fuel pressure so I interrupted the line going into the fuel rail with a gauge. Found pressure to be a bit low and also dropping intermittently. I have a feeling there was air in the system also because once I blead the system after I installed gauge the truck seemed to run better with no miss. After test driving truck with gauge still connected it ran better and light came back on, this time only with code for Eup #2 abnormal frequency.
  7. Thanks for the help. I looked into the EUPs a little today and all of them seem to b working ok. I checked the voltage to each EUP with a diode tester and found a good pulse on each EUP. I then cracked the injector lines coming out of the EUPs and found #2 & #4 not making a difference in the sound of the motor. I should have said from the beginning that at an idle I can hear a miss in the engine. So with that I am leaning towards an injector problem. Do you know if this is a big job on this engine. Is there any special tools needed to remove injectors? The engine brake code I have not looked in to yet.
  8. I've got a 370hp Mack engine in 2004 Granite. Engine light is on and coming up with codes #2 - #5 injectors abnormal frequency & also Engine brake output, current below normal. Anybody experience similar codes.
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