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EGR Emissions Delete



New to this. Have a 2004 Mack with a 460 ASET, pretty sure it's the AC because it has the EGR cooler. Been have some problems with it and are pretty sure that it is the EGR valve and possibly the cooler. I know that with the 08 and new you can delete the emissions but i can not find a way to delete them on the ASETs. Was wondering if anyone knew how or where to go to get it done. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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mp8 macky

Can you please tell us how the performance is with the delete. I purchased a new aftermarket module that tricks the ECM into thinking the sensors are all fine and working well, this was on my 09 pinnacle MP8 485 hp. How much did this cost and how long did it take. Did it improve your performance and MPG ?

Currently I get 5 1/2 to 6.2 mpg with the MP8 485 hp 13 speed fuller and 355 rears running on 22.5 / 11 Michelins  with average 60,000 pounds in the box.

thanksin advance for any assistance you can offer.

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