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  1. On 7/23/2021 at 4:04 PM, Vladislav said:

    Thank you Keith. Yes, honestly I hate the look of the front wheels of DM when narrow 20 inch wheels are fitted on spoke hubs. So strongly going to put something wider and with positive offset. I'm thinking of 385/65R22.5 so far but found out Dayton rims wider than 8.25" is hens teeth in my part of the world. The only option I found so far is a set of 14" wide rims somewhere in Siberia and they asked nearly $1K for 6 rusty barrels. 14inch seems to wide for my blood and another possibility seen is cutting centers off 11.75 trailer wheels which are pretty common here and weld in a fitting ring off 8.25 Daytons. Big lathe is needed to do this job and and all those spoken wheels to buy. So looks like an entertainment you should get prepaired for and much better to avoid it at all purchasing ready rims instead.

    You're right, now we have more than one smilar truck in common. And you seem having the most kinds of the Mack "softnousers":thumb:

    Heres a pic of some 385's on my RD compared to 445 's on the DM .

    You mentioned your specs. It made me curious as to what rears were in my DM .After checking , It has 5.55 rears. I didn't know but after checking BMT , it turns out its kinda common with a T2070 and 300 maxidyne . I learn something new every day on this site . 


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  2. 13 hours ago, Vladislav said:

    Those front 445 wheels seem huge. How do they correspond with the rears? I mostly mean the look. You put 11R22.5 in place of 11.00R20 tubes there right?

    Yes Vlad, they are 11r22.5 on the back.  I agree, they are large but I actually like the look of it. 

    To be honest , I thought they were 425's . Thats what most people run around here. It wasn't till I looked for you that I saw they were bigger. 

    My RD has 385's . I will take a pic for you to show the size difference.  The 385's look small beside them , lol . 

  3. 6 hours ago, Red Horse said:

    That to  me says it all.  Usually my reaction to "site  truck"  is "hammered junk".  You raise a good point.  And as always, not everyone beats a truck because it has no road use.😎

    I agree with you 100 percent about "hammered junk". Normally I would never buy a "site truck" , but the lack of rust was appealing to me. It did look like it was well used. But not as bad as others I've seen . 

  4. 7 hours ago, Red Horse said:

    Wow- looks pretty good to  me...good rubber, cab looks intact, same with dump

    Faded paint is an easy fix😎  Good frame?

    I agree, some faded paint is easy to buff out. I actually put the back tires on . It had tube type  that were cracked really bad. 

    Its got some bent things underneath from off roading. even the speedo drive at back of trans was bent, somehow ?  Sure it was stuck bad. 

    The frame is good though. Because it was a site truck most of its life, its never seen salt . 

  5. 3 hours ago, Vladislav said:

    What is the size of the front tyres? Are they 385 or 425?

    I hope I will share the reason I ask the other day :)

    Thanks for your thoughts on the filter Vlad. I don't see any sign of a spin on filter, so I think I will leave things alone . The transmission  works and shifts amazing. I believe in preventative maintenance though , and didn't want to have trouble in the future . Thats why I was asking. 

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you want the large tires for . It actually has 445/65R 22.5 tires on the front. 



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  6. Congrats on your new purchase !!!!

    It looks really good and I'm sure it will make you some $$$$$

    Just be careful , Macks are like potato chips , its hard to have just one :loldude:

    O ........ and welcome aboard, there's lots of knowledge here :WELCOME:

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  7. I just replaced the dash solenoid in one of my Macks . I told the parts man I wanted a 2MR2114 solenoid. He gave me a Mack/Volvo part # of 8609-98226WR, the same part # as the very first post. The part however looks nothing like the original. I just wanted to share this and some pics for the next person that thinks they may have the wrong part ( like me ) .  Good news is it goes on no problem, and works like it should . :twothumbsup:

    This is the original 



    This is the new one 





  8. This may help a little. 



    I had to fix an air leak in mine to . I just matched the o-ring up. I was fortunate that there was still one there , it had just got worn from old age.

    I think you are supposed to use a special grease when you put it back together. I just used chain lube . Not sure if that was right. It doesn't leak any more and works well.  





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  9. 5 hours ago, Bullheaded said:

    Snowdog.....did you look into SPIF'ing it? Looks like you have enough wheelbase. The prices to convert seem to have come down from what I had originally been hearing. My friend is getting his Paystar 5600i done for 14 grand minus the rims and tires.

    Those Mack CL tandem dump trucks I posted pics of in the mine I work at have been scaling 72,000 KG this week (158732.83 pounds)

    I have friends that are changing their trucks. I just can't do it though. Seems wrong to change something that has worked well for the last 36 years. I will just haul my small loads for now........  Then maybe I will get smart and get a proper job, lol 

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