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  1. They were parked on Rail Road aAvenue for years and years, they are gone now
  2. Hello John, My Uncle Fred did not die until 1997, he was alive and well when Oneida went under. My Grandfather Walter who ran the business for the last 30 years actually died 6 months before Fred. Walter was 78, Fred was 95! They actually had to sue Oneida for the last bit of money that was owed to them from the sale. And they won and Oneida had to pay although they tried hard not to.
  3. Awesome, thank you so much!!! I actually bought the book from the Amazon link you sent me Thank you! I added some newspaper articles related to Dorn’s and my Grandpa Walter Dorn
  4. They did sell to Oneida, my grandfather was Walter Dorn he owned Dorn’s transportation. They sold the business. My father Robert Dorn and grandfather did sell the trucks under the name Dorn’s fleet Maintenance. But Dorn’s Transportation in-fact did sell in 1981 to Oneida, for around a few million dollars. Then Oneida went out of business.
  5. I have that original, my grandfather owned Dorn’s transportation
  6. Could you send pictures of Dorns trucks from that book?
  7. My grandfather Walter Dorn owned Dorn’s Transportation, they had multiple terminals in PA, NJ, CT, etc. Their main terminal was in Rensselaer NY before moving to Albany. He employed almost 800 people and his business was in operation from 1934-1981, when he sold it to Oneida Trucking. I have a lot of picture that I can post. Erin Dorn-Lewis
  8. the business was solD in 81, IT was in Renesselaer and then moved to Railroad Avenue, and they had many other terminals.
  9. Hunter, was your dad Merton Phillips? He was terminal manager of Plattsburgh and then became VP
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