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  1. Yes it’s at Highway and yes we have the the B Model just starting it now finishing my other superliner now
  2. Mike, still debating on who I want to paint it your from the area who do you recommend?
  3. Mack B Model coming together nicely. Metal Work done by Penn Fabrication in Norristown Ask for Jerry. Will post more pictures after paint
  4. Name: Pee Wee Date Added: Owner: depaulbrothers depaulbrothers
  5. Hello All, I recently purchased a 62 B Model and I was searching around for Antique Truck Insurance it just seems that ever advertised insurance company sets a minimum age for a policy holder of 25 years old. I was just wondering if anyone knew a company that would insure me beings that I'm 21 years old. Thanks your help is greatly appreciated!!
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