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  1. just got home with the new truck

  2. just got home with the new truck

  3. From the album: R 700

    My brother with our new family member
  4. From the album: R 700

    77" R 767ST 350 cummins Eaton 10 Speed
  5. going to pick up the R 700 today that I just bought

    1. umodelnut


      Whats it got for a motor?

    2. umodelnut


      We need pictures.

  6. What time does it start and end both days
  7. From the album: tractor and trucks on the farm

    I took this for the u model lovers 1979 237Mack 5 speed
  8. From the album: tractor and trucks on the farm

    Here's my new chopper with an eight row head
  9. The relay buzzes when turned on wires are okay replaced one actuator because it was only jakeing on three , thinking the other one is shorted ?
  10. Your a little off on the weight most vans that size start at 6800# the box truck is more like 8800# and the trailer I have is 6500# plus your mustang 2800# so more like 25000#. My loads don't look that bad I gross around 20000# to 23000# with weight of truck.
  11. Which way does it need to go and can you drive it.
  12. Make sure that the valve stem guard is not catching and, when I have that problem hit at multiple spots not just one on the farm the feed trucks and manure trucks rust fast.
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