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  1. 1 hour ago, 41chevy said:


    DENISON'S ICE ROAD is a great book also if you can find it.

    Worked for me after I removed the period after com too,  I don't text, facebook or tweet .

    Have you called Bill to tell him of you betrothal yet??  He's getting up there too.



    Yes, I talked to him, but he actually called me. He wanted to know if i'd gotten his last stories and the latest version of his book with those added stories. I told him that I had gotten them, and felt pretty ashamed that I had not acknowledged getting it. I thought I had sent him an e-mail, but apparently I had not!

    And he had also recommended this same book to me before, but I have not ordered it.

  2. On 9/2/2019 at 7:48 PM, High Binder said:

    I checked the book out on Amazon and it's really pretty interesting.   You can preview the book and I read several pages which were really interesting.  I'm going to order from him rather than Amazon.   Thanks Odog for posting the info.

    That's what i'm going to do too, i'm going to get a money order and make it out to him so he'll get the money directly.

  3. 11 hours ago, Mack Technician said:

    That’s really cool. Interesting bio on him in the Amazon listing. Was in a sea rescue squadron in WW2.

    Is that offer to purchase books recent? Or is he talking last Christmas? 

    No, it is current. I couldn't send a message to that e-mail address, so I sent him a text message last night asking for an address, and he had answered this morning. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, 1958 F.W.D. said:

    Sounds interesting. I will order one myself. The book, not the coloring book. Unless you want me to get you a coloring book, other dog. Or maybe that Pitt-Ohio driver wants one? 

    I always had difficulty staying within the lines in coloring books, but thank you for the kind offer. You will like the book, it really is good.


  5. 29 minutes ago, alex g said:

    I think I'll order one myself. Thanks for info

    It is really a great book, no doubt. When I saw his post it was...bitter-sweet, I guess you'd say.  I was happy to see he was still with us, but it's a little sad to see that he has financial issues. It just seems wrong, but i'm going to help as much as I can too.

  6. 29 minutes ago, h67st said:

    That aluminum really burned up. Do you know what caused the fire?

    That one was magnesium, it kept bursting into flames even after the fire department doused it with water and put it out- several times.

    The fire was my fault. I was smoking a turkey in this old gas stove that I made into a smoker on Thanksgiving day. It was too close to the shed for one thing, almost right up against it. And I should have raked the dry leaves away from around it and wetted the grass with the water hose, which I usually did but didn't that time, and I should have kept a closer watch on it.


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