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  1. 1 minute ago, Timmyb said:

    Is the timber in your floor a factory item? I think all the old w model Kenworth's here had timber floor. Makes sense too, better noise and heat insulation. 

    If your previous work is anything to go by, that cab will look great once completed. 

    Yes, there is another piece that I had just removed on the passenger side.

  2. 44 minutes ago, Red Horse said:

    Nice and given temps we have up here in MA, don't think its that much warmer down in Berlin-how do you heat that barn?

    I now have a "Hot Dawg" heater mounted to the ceiling above my glass bead cabinet. Heats up the shop very quickly and pretty cheap to run. Even when it's frigid out it works well. Runs on propane. Started off with a wood stove that was there when I bought the place years ago. Too much mess and work with it, plus the hazard. Really like this heater, come home turn it on, go inside change go back out and it's warm enough to work.

  3. 16 minutes ago, Red Horse said:

    Very nice Matt- what is your method that keeps the overspray in control?  Your shop looks clean!

    It's super high tech- a 20" box fan in the back window, sometimes a second one in the next window. Works OK, unless it's windy. Saturday the wind spun it backwards and the blew it out of the sill. Had to close it all up, so there was a little more mess in the shop. I've been using my smaller gun on these parts, my 1 qt. gun would put out a lot more overspray. 

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  4. More primer and paint!! Getting a lot of this tedious little stuff done while the weather keeps me inside. Etch primed all the transmission and radiator pieces. Painted the radiator tanks silver, after etch priming. Did all the interior areas silver where you can't reach, to cover the raw aluminum to prevent corrosion, the exterior surfaces will be polished.



  5. On to the transmission. Rebuilt this in 2005, bearings,seals. Replaced the bell housing with a steel one, the original was cracked and was welded and cracked again, when I got it. Working on the clutch linkages now. All the pivot points are egged out from use. Welded them up yesterday and remachined the ends to tighten everything up. Just have to finish them and the top covers before paint.


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