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  1. im lookin for a front hub for a 71 r model, the casting numbers are 2QJ415 and FA-4750....anybody have anything??..oh yea, they are spoked wheels
  2. haha this thread almost makes me glad i have a old truck
  3. jst replace it there not very expensive and its def. not a part of the truck ya wanna take your chances with
  4. yea its definatelly a hard working truck, and the axles do move from side to side thats why i figured they needed to be replaced, thanks for all the tips, hopefully it goes smoothly
  5. can anyone tell me what the name of this bushing is, and has anyone ever changed them?
  6. how do ya know if its the shallow or deep?
  7. any body know what a 71 237 with a rear sump pan would hold, or how long the dipstick should be?
  8. 2.79 in northeast ohio
  9. gotta grind em till ya find em, that was the advice i got when i was learnin
  10. got ti all buttoned down tonite, thanks for the help
  11. I just replaced the tie rod ends on my 71 r model and now th efront end alignment has me pullin my hair out, does anyone have a methods, or tips for me anything will help , thanks
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