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  1. That's cool, How much did they pay ya for doing that?
  2. Nice Truck Albert, but But was is the total of the resto from start to finish? Is it something that most people can afford to do? I am in the same position with a couple of thr cf's that I have/ I am being told it's not worth spending tens of thousands restoring a truck that is only worth $ 10,000 or less. Whats your opinion? Take care, and again GREAT looking truck.. George
  3. Thank you all for such great ideas and comments. I do like that R model, but making a cf or even a MC fire truck with a nice enclosed cab would just as good for what i am looking for. I would love to see inside pics of that R model. George
  4. Thanks Reuhlz, I would love to find one of the crew cabMacks, but they only made 5 for fdny. I need something to pull a 50' Landoll trailer. I agree, Mack would charge a bunch $$$$ for a special order, but that also would be a one of a kind Mack. Take care. George
  5. Hello, My name is George and I am fairly new to the Mack Forums, I mostly collect and restore Cf Mack Firetrucks. But I was thinking of buying a new tractor and Landoll trailer to haul some of my trucks/Toys around instead of driving them long distances. But I am really needing a crew cab type cab due to people always wanting to go with me to parades and stuff. The problem is if I buy a regular day cab or sleeper cab I can only take one other person with me to things. Now I know International makes a crew cab truck, but can you order a crew cab from Mack?? say a new Granite body style? I would like to stick with my Macks, any suggestions?? Thanks for any help or ideas, George
  6. Hello, My name is George and I have several, several good mack cf parts from pumpers and a recent bad scope purchase. I have sets of air horns, door spot lights,I have complete doors with Mack logo mirrors. I'll check on the bumper brackets. But shoot me a private email and maybe a pic of your damage. I even have nearly new all aluminium compartments from E-one that will fit your truck if needed. I might have ALL your parts needed for your repair. Talk to you soon, George
  7. Hello Albert, Google or check the Federal motor carriers site. I just went through the new federal license giudelines. People Driving a fire truck is NO LONGER excempt from CDL's except when driving to a fire and then returning back to station. Any other driving of firetrucks go by thier weight class. Even if a fire dept. drives a firetruck to a parade, to get fuel or any other running , the driver needs a Commercial OR Noncomercial drivers license for that weight class. It is the same with rv's. But if you ask any rv dealer they will not tell you the truth because they want to make a sale. As far as firetrucks, nobody will say anything to you untill you have to stop at a scale house on a interstate, or are stopped by the dot, or god forbid you are in a accident with it. There are many that will say I am full of bs, but don't take my word for it check it out. I had made 5 trips to harrisburg pa. dot to try and get the right info concerning the the papers I recieved from the Federal Motor Carrier Division about my class A cdl's , and the pa. state dot did not know much info, except that there was big changes comming into affect by june of 2014 nation wide. Most fire dept. insurance carriers are even requireing drivers to have the new Commercial or Non-commercial license. If you own a rv or are NOT using your license to make money, then you just need to take the test for what ever weight class that you intend to drive whether it is a class B or class A. If you drive and use your license to drive and make money , then you will need a Commercial class cdl licencse and a medical card. I my self have always had a CDL class A, since I don't drive anything anymore except my antique fire trucks I switched to a NON -commercial class A drivers licesne. It is just a thing to make more money for the states and to keep tabs on peoples medical cards. check it out and good luck.. George
  8. Hi Don, Here are some pics of that piece you need for your cf. Send me a private email with your wishes of buying it.
  9. Hi Bulldogboy, I have decided against some of my close friends advise to scrap them both. I have decided to take alot of the parts from the Lynnfield scope and use them on my other Mack scope( Origanally Wahntaue Ny.) to make a kick ass running Mack scope that can be driven ANYWHERE in the U.S.A. to any Mack show or Fire muster without worries of never making my destination. Besides those parts that I need, I have had several private request from people needing parts to either restore or keep thier CF Mack running. As everyone with cf's know that parts are getting harder and harder to find for the cf fire trucks. Besides that alot of cf parts are shared with the R models as well. After that whats left will go down the road to maybe be a Pepsi can one day or something else in a new cookie cutter fire truck from one of todays fire truck builders. I have contacted a few Mack/ Seagrave/ Baker garages to let them know that I have parts and a complete boom for a transplant if a fire department wants to save a little money. I just finished building a 60' X 90' Heated building with a indoor inground swimming pool built in still leaving plenty of room for a few fire trucks, So I have room to restore a big truck like a scope. If I run out of room ,I'll just build another building even bigger. Life is too short and you can't take money with you , might as well die being in debt. lol.. Take care Bulldogboy, talk again sometime soon, George
  10. Hi Terry, What is your dream using a CF cab? maybe I can help. Do you have a cf that you are trying to re do? I have had a few interest for the complete boom, and I am going to keep it whole atleast untill next week, but there is a guy that wants to make a bar out of the basket. He said he had seen a pic of one a guy did on the Arealscope sight on facebook. I have to say it does look pretty cool if you have the room and the money to do that. Send me a private message if you like. Take care, George
  11. To anyone intersted, The Lynfield scope is going to be parted out instead of being completly crushed. I have had several private messages from people wanting parts for thier cf macks. A mack mechanic came to the house over the weekend and found SEVERAL problems that he recomended not fixing due to cost. The injector pump is shot and does not have enough pressure to keep motor running,there is oil leaking from the turbo, the radiatoris almost commplety rusted through, which is probabally why I used 3 gal of water on the trip home. and after he found and read the aerial inspection report that states that ALL the frame/cab mounts are rusted and rotted completly through that I would not be a good cristian to sell it to someone in that condition. . BUT on a brighter note.. the boom works great,some of the outer body parts are good . The tires and rims are already spoken for, A guy wants the aerial basket to build a bar for his mancave, (unless somebody wants the whole boom) The boom is complete right now, anyone interested in the boom, conntact asap or it will be gone also, Doors, glass, gauges, emblems, reaend,are all good and still unclaimed.and for sale. I do have the full set of ladders for sale as well. Anyone interested in anything, please send me a private message and not public due to some of the inmature haters out there with thier negative facebook drama. George
  12. Thank you Terry T, I will keep that in mind in the future, It's my fault that I puchased that truck. Everyone has been there seeing a truck for sale and just wanting it no matter what. As far this 1958 fwd. I am glad to hear that your fire fighter friend with the 1 leg was able to get around great after his accident, I am however not as lucky, I am not trying to use my dissability as a excuse for bad judgement in truck buying either. As far as getting on a plane you can be a totally parralized and still be able to get onto a plane and travel, and Yes even drive a Automatic car or truck as it was in this case. As far not driving it..tHat does not even make any sense. So you buy a truck and are affraid to drive it because it might break down. thats crazy, why even own one then. A brand new car or truck out of the show room can break down on you. With these old trucks you just have to take your time and don't push it more then what it can do. As long as it can go 40 mph or more you can drive it on any highway anywhere. That would be like not taking it across the country for a mack show because you are affraid of breaking down all the time. As far as Merk goes, there is no hard feeling towards him at all. My origanal post was asking if anybody that knew a fire dept. that was planning to do a refurb or purchase a NEW remounted scope. It would be cheaper for them to get the scope boom off of this truck as it is the one thing that I know works very well, I tried it. Hell I might have even DONATED this truck to a fire dept.. I know how needy most vfd are. I am NO bussiness person, nor rich. Just a trying to collect and preserve old firetrucks to keep me occupied. not make money from them buying and selling them. I had great plans for that truck. It was going to be parked in my big garage right next to my other trucks. I own several very nice trucks and use them for movies and parades, I deal with jelous people all the time.. But enough of this FACEBOOK teen age drama. George
  13. Well Guy's it's like this, A friend told me about this truck in mass for sale for $6,500. I looked at the pics , called the guy Who by the way is a Mack collector and truck salesman. I would rather not say his name on here but he has the FIRST R-model Mack firetruck and cut it up to make a pick up truck out of it.. Anyway the truck was not shifting into hi range so he took it to a mack dealer across from his house to have fixed, (a buddy buddy deal) they told him that they could not fix it and they were to busy, so he took the truck home and tried fixing it himself. I flew up on Monday, The truck had ALOT more rust on it then was in the pics, when we took it for a ride I did not think it was shifting into high right. It would not shift into high untill 2100 to 2200rpms. and alot of blow by. Going against my gut feelings i purchased it anyway and started to drive it home to Wv. It did ok untill I started to hit some longer bigger hills in Nj. then when in pa. going up and down the mountains it did not shift right, the temps started going up to 240 degrees and staying there.When I stopped for fuel it had about 2 quarts of oil on the ground, going up hills trucks kept flashing thier lights because of all the blow by smoke. My intentions was to buy this scope and restore it for my collection and to use it for parades and use it in the movie industry, However when I got it home there was bearly any oil on the dipstick again, and now the truck won't start. When all of you saw this truck on here for sale from that guys collection it was for sale for $4,250 , then sold it to me in this condition for $ 6,500 and I a total of $8,000 into this truck that won't start, when it did run,it did not run right. I had a guy from a local Mack dealership come and look at the truck and he said if it was him he would junk it. it needs a new motor not to mention when he looked undernieth the body frame mounts where COMMPLETY rusted through He said it will cost you more then it is worth. . I was not able to get under the truck and give it a good look over due to me having only 1 leg. I put this on here seeking to help some fire department to maybe they could bennifit from my misfortune and bad judgement with buying this truck. I trust people too much thinking that no one would screw me over that bad. Instead of getting some usefull help or advise I get talked about .I am out $8,000 for a truck that is junk and sold to me by a MACK guy as being good. It;s all in the attorneys hand now. I appaligize to the great guys like this YARNELL, I will never post or seek help here ever again, after this episode I might just become this GREAT GUY that you called me and start buying every Mack Firetruck that i can and scrap them all, just because of you and all your neg, comments.
  14. Not interested in any more neg. comments from people that don't know the whole story and just make judgemental comments.
  15. Hi, I will get some pics up soon. I know 22.5 wheels won't fit on 20" hubs. I am wanting to know if I can change out the whole rear end that already has 22.5's on it that will run at hi- way speeds, I'mgetting tired of people giving me the finger because I am holding up traffic making a funeral procession. OR what can I do to make this truck go faster? I will get the rear end ratio asap.
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