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  1. if i had teachers like this in school i may have graduated
  2. for once drivers need to agree on something for the benefit of everyone. do not pick up or deliver in california. which i dont think would be to hard. the big companies will still haul in california since they can afford the new epa b.s. on their trucks, but the o.o. who fights to make his truck payment each month wont be able able to afford to go there. it would take care of 2 problems. the big companies will all run out to california to haul their freight. they will underbid each other on loads and eventually not be able to afford to keep their doors open. 2nd it would keep all the training
  3. I read an article this week about one of the major corn and soybean suppliers in the midwest. About 60% of the freight the company I work for hauls for that company. I have been wondering why we have been brokering freight instead of hauling for them as much lately and heres what I found out. The article explained that since the drought this year ADM is almost out of stock. They have used the majority of last years harvest and this years crop is next to nothing. The article goes on to explain that next year will be when the nation really feels the hit of this years drought since they will not
  4. Well thank you! That is definitely the info I was looking for. It is also the dumbest thing they can do. If the vehicle is not licensed to haul commercially why should it matter? I looked on C.A.R.B.'s website and noticed the exemption to short haul carriers. It seems that California finds its easier to make money off the long haul driver then it is their own residents. I seen on there that you can also buy a permit to run a certain amount of miles into the state and back out. I wonder if that exemption would work for a antique truck, since it wouldn't have near as many miles put on it as a co
  5. Thats what I was thinking but haven't heard it brought up at all as to what will be legal. I'm not all that worried about it I dont go out there anymore just my curiosity getting at me. - Bill
  6. I started a website to commemorate the older generation of drivers. Im looking for class A drivers who have been on the road prior to 1980. The ones who paved the way for my generation. I want to thank those drivers who have taught me alot of the ins and outs in trucking. This is the only way I know how. I'm looking for drivers who would like to submit their story, pictures, stories about the old mom and pop truck stops, and pictures of any trucking memorabilia. I have also added a section for the drivers who have lost their lives while on the road. So if you know any drivers who have been kil
  7. Im curious to know what c.a.r.b.'s regulation of antique truck emissions is. since updating a antique truck to meet current emissions laws it takes away from the historical value of the truck can they force you to retro-fit current emissions standards on older trucks used for truck shows,pulls, etc.? And second question is it even possible to update an older truck to meet the emissions laws? thanks - Bill
  8. i live right outside of wooster oh. and i can certainly agree how nice the amish are. if only the rest of the world could get back to simpler living we would all be better off.
  9. id be worried about the kid if he wasnt smiling.... hes earned my respect
  10. Heres where I'm going to catch some hell . I know this is a Mack site but.....A 1996 379 flattop Peterbilt. 12" straight stacks, stretched, chromed and lit up pulling a polished tank. To me this truck will make the most experienced driver grab a hold of that white line when he see's that truck coming up in his mirror.
  11. thank yall for the welcome. I've been interested in trucks for as long as I can remember. I'm more interested in the older trucks then I am these "wish I could be a truck driver so I need to have an automatic transmission, E-logs, blind side camera, etc trucks" unfortunately I'm a company driver with a 09' Freightliner Cascadia with a Eaton Fuller 10 speed 460hp (guts cut out of) Detroit DD15 63mph rolling road block. I've seen some pictures of my grandfathers 1951(?) Mack LJ now thats what I'd rather be driving.
  12. hello everyone. I'm new to this site so I'm still trying to find where everything's at. I'm an otr driver with a sickness for diesel. I'm in the process of building a website to honor the truck drivers of the past who have paved the way for my generation of drivers (I'm only 23). I'm looking for any information I can use on my site www.asphalt-cowboy.com about old trucking companies who are out of business, drivers who started driving prior to 1980, old trucking photo's, drivers who have lost their lives while on the road, and information about the old mom and pop truck stops who have been clo
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