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  1. as far as weight, 34,000lbs for the tandems(rear axles) and 12,000lbs for the steer axle is standard (unless you have floats on the front- then the steer is 20,000lbs) so the gvw you should tag for is 46,000lbs (or 54,000 in the case of floats). as far as i know, you only have to pay the 2290 if you are tagging your truck for more than 56,000lbs, you should double check with your registrar to make sure before you shell out the $550. make sure you ask the right questions, the government will happily take your money and conveniently forget to mention that you do not have to give it to them. if you do need to pay the 2290, you will have to get a TIN (taxpayer identification number) to even pay it, you can't use your SSN. also, if you are operating " for higher" you will need either a state or federal operating authority. in ohio you can get a PUCO number for intra-state operation, but if you cross state lines, you also need a federal authority( MC number)
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