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  1. How do I determine the GVWR on this thing? I found the sticker but there is nothing written in the space behind it. Its a 10 wheel with a 14 foot box. It has the Dayton rear type wheels and the standard 10 bolt type up front.
  2. Thanks for all the tips and info. I am still moving forward and taking care of the little things that it needs. I figure that it will need to be done if I sell it or keep it. It seems to have several minor things that I plan to address to get it up to spec.
  3. The only reason that I was looking at doing this is because of my particular area. There is actually a demand for it right now in my local area and does not seem to be a shortage of work. Thant being said, I don't know that there is enough in it for me to justify the expense involved and hours that I ill be using up. I was hoping to make this a profitable venture but am having second thoughts. Fortunately, I feel that with local truck prices being what they area I can make my money back easy enough on this rig.
  4. There are lots of used tire places around here and I can get pretty good deals. My thoughts are I would just like a set that will last me long enough to get this thing up and going. If it looks promising I can go out and get new tires that should last me a very long time. I am avoiding re-caps because I just dont see it being a good idea on a dump truck. I am looking at all insurance options right now and the bsolute chepest I have found is $282 a month. If I had this up and running full time that would not be a bad deal I guess but I suspect it will be slow to start. I have some very good leads on work right now but I have not comitted to anyone until I have the truck ready to go. And now it seems I have something else to check in to, Im not famaler with the IRS form that you just mentioned...probably another expense to deal with.
  5. So I recently had a great idea...I bought a dump truck. Here is my thought process, flawed as it may be. I have been looking for a way to make some extra money for my family and I. I grew up on a farm and have operated all kinds of heavy equipment and can pretty much drive anything. The problem was, I never really needed a CDL in such a rurl area so I never got one. I am now in the process and will have it shortly. My schedule will allow me to work my full time job and operate a truck 3 days a week. So I had been pondering this wonderful idea for a couple of days and as fate would have it stumbled in to one of those deals that I feel was so good I had to jump or loose out on it all together. I stumbled in to a guy who had a 1995 Mack RB690S 10 wheel dump truck for sale....cheap! He needed the money and the truck needed a little love. It is sounds and runs great! All brakes, hydraulics, lights, gauges and most other important things seem to operate as they should. I have a couple of brake lines that I feel should be replaced and it will need all 10 tires. Luckily, I think I can put a very good used set on it for about $1,500. to $2,000. A little cleaning and polishing and it should be ready to hit the road. After going to the local DMV and nearly falling out of my chair when I went to register it I went to insure it. The original quote that I received nearly trippled! I don't know why it was suddenly so expensive but I am starting to think that I may have bitten off more that I can chew. The truck will be paid for but the whole key to making money on this was low overhead. If I am going to be paying several hundred dollars a month for insurance, several hundred for registration and the total price that I will have in the truck I am starting to wonder. I am in the truck $5k right now not including the registration. Anyone have any sugestions? Thanks Travis
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