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  1. My dad thinks it was 67 or 68 he said the had them when he came home from the army. The fiberglass hoods were out but Greco still bought the steel nose trucks
  2. What gave me this idea is the Caterpillar Certified rebuild program. Cat dealers completlety dissasemble a machine like a D8 Dozer and rebuild it with rebuilt componets, new wirring, hoses, engine, trans, final drives, paint and so on. When finished the machine is like new and cheaper than a brand new replacemnt. My thoughts are because of The FET tax on a new truck and all the problems with new emmisions. It may be worth it to rebuild an old truck that I already own opposed to buying new. The Truck has howls, whines and vibrations. There is play in componets and oil leaks. It has given me exceptional service but its time to rebuild it or get rid of it. I agree with the if it aint broke dont fix it mentalety but when something shows signs of excessive weat to me it is basicly broke and needs to be fixed.
  3. What do you guys think it would cost to totally rebuild a 96 RD688. Minus the engine ( was rebuilt 120,000 miles ago). Just the cost of parts no labor. Id like to rebuild trans, rears front end steering gearbox ect. I have considered a new truck but between the emissions and all the taxes it may be worth wild to rebuild my old truck.
  4. My 96 RD seemes to be getting louder and louder inside the cab. I have Dynamat on the whole floor but it is still loud. Has anyone done anything to lower the noise inside the cab of an R model
  5. The truck was lookin good last week up by O Hare, when I saw ya on Mannheim!!!

  6. Its Patten tractor in Elmhurst. I moved it to a garbage transfer in the city near Chicago Ave. and Cicero
  7. You got it Adventures in heavy Hauling. The trailer is kinda high to be moving stuff like that in the city, but right now you take what you can get a supose
  8. Has anyone had any luck with making a R model quieter inside of the cab ? Is there any sound deadening products that work well? I covered the floor in my 89 R model with Dynamat. It did not really help a lot. Why are CH models so much quieter?
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