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  1. i didn't get notice of ur post. late responding, i think so. u gotta call my son.
  2. hello interested in the truck - do you have an email contact thanks Ben

    1. wrenchguy


      which truck?   u gotta call him, the number is in the ad.

  3. both are ultra low miles, al smith and bill & norm schuldt were his mentors. my son would take them all if they were 87's. thanks.
  4. I don't know exactly what is is, only its a 87 he went to mt. joy pennsylvania about 8 year ago to get it. it had 17,000 miles on it. it had special mack dash placs on it recognizing the original buyer, Pondish Trucking. My son calls it his house mover. it has 18,500 miles on it now. He only has 1987 r models, year he was born. thanks 4 commenting.
  5. This is my sons house moving r model jockeying a new piece equipment into his shop last friday. It came down from belmont machine in aurora permitted mostly US-6 to gary. Maybe some of you may have seen it creeping along. I don't know who got it to the shop.
  6. i believe it no longer exist, i heard something happened to it. maybe some will chime in who knows. thanks
  7. yes, how r you al? i don't remember meeting u. sorry. u think shuldts b model could move that d11n? its only 100 ton….give or take 5 ton. thanks 4commenting, mike
  8. sorry its a worn out 63 430 ck i use for lifting and snow plowing. i been keeping it running on the cheap 25 years here. its original paint and it starts reel good in the cold. "not broke=don't f… with it". thanks 4 comment.
  9. I believe this was the 1st of 6 built by Caterpillar in 1955. Cat ordered 2 300 amp dc welding generators ganged together and powered it with the d4 size power unit. 1955 cat advertising. when i got it. now video, thanks 4 looking.
  10. I'm new here but thought i'd post some stuff from nw indiana. My son is into r models, only 1987 ones, the year he was born. His mentors prolly17 years ago were alan smith, norm & bill shuldt and tom bronge. we had started a antique caterpillar chapter up to smiths place. my son fell 4 the r models hanging there and had to have 1 to drive around the farm here. he got 1 at 14 and now 5, he ain't 30 yet. RIP in BULLDOG heaven norm & al. now 4 some photos. my sons custom r688st, listed on the for sale page. b safe drivers & thanks 4 looking
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