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400 volt battery pack - like using a match to look inside a gas tank

Keith S

I'll double the trucks range by making two parallel packs (200 volts each). Then I'll double the range again by adding a second Leaf pack - a total of four 200 volts packs in parallel.

From the album:

Electric Conversion

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Wow, that is quite a powerplant.  What is the expected range?

With all that power, what kind of safety precautions are in place against possible electrical issues?  One little short could really ruin ones day.

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Range - without regeneration and city driving I'm shooting for 150 miles


  • 1 high-current contactor (relay) inside each battery tank.
  • 1 fuse external for each battery tank.
  • 1 main contactor between pack-positive and the motor.
  • 2 parallel electrical switch disconnects.
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My local mack dealer parts guy was talking about seeing your truck online as we talked about my truck.  I mentioned you were on this site.  I then got curious as to your range and by chance you posted this pictures.

Are you buying these battery packs from wrecked cars?  Or new?  Can I ask what they get for them?  I've heard horror stories about Prius' and spending thousands of dollars to replace the batteries.

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I bought a wreaked Leaf through Copart ($4200) and stripped a lot of the drivetrain. It was a 2015 and still had that new-car smell. The second pack I found on ebay - it's new ($3100). It was a warranty replacement that was damaged during shipping (the external connector was damaged). 

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Keith, slightly off subject,did you see the wheeler Dealers episode where they put the electric motor in an Alfa (I think it was) runs like a raped ape ? Stick shift too!  One question  how do you protect yourself bystanders etc against an explosion from " offgasing" these are "wet batteries" right? Until you have had a battery blow up in your face(I have!)  You couldn't possibly appreciate how volatile hydrogen gas is!😁 Of course it only happens with a recently charged battery! I was 14 and struck a spark on one of the connections on my dad's homemade battery charger! This was a 12 volt car battery! You have the potential on that battery for a real Hiroshima! I'm thinking some kind of fan that runs continuously to blow away the fumes! In retrospect I'm thinking the people who engineered the prius and other hybrids have solved that problem! The potential lawsuits from a bunch of exploding tree huggers can't be ignored! Sorry I'm not too politically correct! 

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