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B-Model Emblems & Door Latch

B-Model Emblems & Door Latch

More parts printed:

  1. Door latches
  2. Emblems
  3. Horn button

If there's interest, I can custom print emblems

  • The blue parts are plastic (PLA) and as-printed without any cleaning.
  • I spent about 10 minutes cleaning the blue parts and then sprayed them with primer.
    • Another 20 minutes detailing can make a big difference
  • Plastic can be chrome plated, but it requires a lot of prep work as every flaw will show

The Horn Button

  • Still tweaking the pieces
    • Three pieces Super-glued together
    • Will need detailing to look smooth like the original
    • I'm not sure the hardware for my horn button is correct - the button is too far above the steering wheel

Door Latches

  • Not sure how the plastic will hold up.
  • It wouldn't pass today's requirements of:
    • Double lock
    • Door beam
    • Roll-over test
    • 500lb Gorilla tugging on the handle
  • But, they're better than what's on my truck
  • If there's interest, I could make a mold and cast them in brass or bronze (or alum or...)
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