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Good Week

other dog


Since I was here last i've unloaded the lumber in Moneta,been to Petersburg and got a load of beams and delivered them in Garden City,Ga, and picked up another load of lumber in Estill,S.C. Got 8' 6x6s this time,but I didn't have any trouble with it sliding. This and the pipe to Weaverville from last week should give me a pretty good week for the first time in a long time. And if I go out tomorrow I should have 2 loads on next week's check. It's about time to make a pickup payment,the electric bill's laying here,and gotta pay my real estate taxes-there's never a shortage of something to pay.


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other dog,

When you were in Moneta the other day you were pretty close to my place. I'm 2 1/2 miles from Rt 122. Did you drop off at Blue Ridge? or maybe at one of the local lumber yards.


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yes,Blue Ridge Wood Preservers-I delivered there twice this week. I posted a picture of that A-40 Mack that's sitting in the field by Marshall Concrete

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