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Slick Boards

other dog


Unloaded that steel in Wilmington this morning and went up to Plymouth,N.C. to load a load of lumber,16' 2x10s.Had to weigh in and out,and where I loaded was a good ways from the scales,so I threw 2 straps across each stack of lumber to go weigh out.The weight was OK, so I just eased on out to the truckstop across the road to finish strapping down.It was about a half mile away,and there's a stop light at the end of the road,truckstop's straight across.When I got parked I saw that the inside boards on the top bundle of the front stack had already started to slide out of the bundle,so I went in the store and bought 2- 3 liter bottles of Mountain Dew. I poured the Mountain Dew on the boards that were sliding out, shoved them back in by hand, then poured the rest all over the top of the whole load. Put about 3 more straps on each stack and tightened them as tight as I could get 'em,and didn't have any more trouble-even when I had to brake hard to keep from running over that van that was doing about 40 mph in a 70 and a car was beside me...it's the sugar.


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