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Moping Around

other dog


I talked to Old Bill,the Diesel Gypsy, this morning on Skype so I feel a little better about not being in Winchester. The case of beer I bought didn't hurt either. Then I went over to Altavista to mail him the last "Ice Road Truckers" tape-I put the " Trick My Truck" B-model episode on it too. Also had a few extra copies of "Wheels of Time" and ''Old Time Trucks" to send,and it cost $14 and some change to mail it. And that was the cheapest way to mail it. The faster 'express mail' was 40-some dollars,so I told the guy at the post office to strap it on the mule's back and send it on it's way. Maybe it'll be there before Christmas! Then I stopped by Food Lion to pick up a few things,and almost kept it under $100-total came to $100.04. By the way,do any of you guys have Skype? Or as Paul Van Scott once said "It would be good to know if anyone's reading this"


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Hey John-No,it's still the same.The picture stays 'til I shut it off,then it's just a black screen 'til I set another background,then it stays until I shut it off again.I may have changed the setting accidently somewhere along the line,I don't know what I might have done though.Might be the computer-maybe I should get the manual out and read it sometime! Not a major problem,just aggravating. My Skype name is william.thomas.blackwell

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