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Welcome To "not Yo Mama's"



" Lots of folks stop at truck stops, they just naturally think they should. Cause they figure any place that a truck driver eats, well the foods just got to be good." Thats the way the song goes, but the reality is, if you're driving a truck, and you want to stop and eat. You have to find a place where you can park the truck. One of my all time favorites, was located off the main highway, in Goodyear Arizona. "Not Yo Mama's Down Home Southern Style Mexican Restaurant", Was owned and operated by Leroy Johnson, Leroy and his brother had driven for LS Trucking out of Forest Park Ga. When Leroy hooked up with a Mexican girl from Gila Bend, his brother went back to Americus Ga. to manage the BBQ Restaurant owned by his mom and dad. A lot of the drivers who had known Leroy, got into the habit of stopping, just to be supportive of his new business. A place to park and, and the down home southern style food were almost an instant success. After all, there was not another place anywhere on I-10 where you could get a collard green burrito, or a bowl of refried blackeyed peas.

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Not many good places like that to stop at anymore,at least not where I travel.All the big truckstops are the same and I try to stay away from them,except when I have to get fuel. The TA right up here at Troutville,Va. is one of the worst.It's too close to home for me to stop there anyway,but I go by it several times A week usually because I run rt. 220 a lot.It seems like everytime you go by there there's an argument about SOMETHING going on,usually about A parking space or somebody's got the parking lot blocked because there's no parking spaces. I just don't like to have to deal with all that everytime you want to stop somewhere,and look for the smaller places.

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