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Unexpected Guests



Sierra Blanca Texas, I had pulled off the interstate onto a graveled area beside the highway. I had arrived here about 4:30 AM, and passed out. Now, something had startled me awake. I thought I had felt the truck shake. Did someone open the trailer door? What time is it anyway? As I sat up and parted the curtains, I could see the hood of my truck standing straight up. What's going on? Well, it didn't take long to get my jeans on. As I slid through the drivers seat, on my way out the door, I could see someone sitting on the drivers side steer tire. When my feet hit the ground, I slammed the door, prepared to do battle. Maybe next time, It was my best friend Robert Ware aka Peg-Leg. He was sitting there with his head bobbing, humming a tune. umm umm umm. Realization began to sink in, he wasn't humming he was eating. Before turning in I had wrapped a couple of burritos up in aluminum foil and left them behind the turbo to keep warm. Robert, I asked what are you doing? Eating breakfast he replied. Just whose breakfast I asked? Well, mine I reckon, I could smell them all the way across the highway. It's a good thing I got here when I did, you're getting careless, another 30 minutes and they would have burned up. You know where those came from I asked? Yeah, Not YO Mama's, they were good too. Robert, you're being mean, I think you are still upset because I didn't save you a piece of that lemon pie your mom made for me. That wasn't my fault, there wasn't but one piece. Now I'll have to go home hungry, and you'll stop at Leroy's and pig out. No, he said I'm parked right behind you, lets go we'll find something somewhere.


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