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EM9 Whats it worth?



We have a 1984 EM9 400hp, was wondering what its worth. Its in a cab over, runs good, fires right up, just don't need. We run a fleet of RD's running E6 and E7s



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I just did a post in the forum about E9's worth. It is all over the place, I know of several whole running trucks going for $2500 and up. Good running inline pump 500 engines fetching $6000. Put your truck up on the for sale section at your price and see if you get a call. Washington has guy still running them. Condition and location is a factor to how is interested. I would be but I'm in AZ to far for a spare engine.

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Every builder incl.mack has good and bad engines or great and not so great engines! Just ask the owner ( or knowledgeable  driver)preferably more than one about price And reliability.

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