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A Stranger, Is Just A Friend You Have Not Met



I-10 east bound, somewhere around Wilcox AZ. Bring it back over Charlie Marion, said the driver I had just passed. Thanks, I replied. Hey, he exclaimed, your the guy who passed me coming up the hill out of Indio yesterday. I'm sorry I said, I apologize. Yeah, you passed every truck on the hill. Well, I said, I just couldn't help it. Who have we got up there? Call me Bollweevil I said , I'm just a looking for a home. Who am I talking to? You've got the Whirley Bird back here. Well, Whirley Bird, lets make some miles. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and as we talked back and forth the miles flew past. We cleared the NM. port of entry, and were bearing down on Deming. The 112 mile marker east bound will be forever etched in my memory. Whirley Bird, take the left lane and get beside me, don't let anybody around. There is a bad wreck in front of us. I can see a van on it's side, and there's people and junk every where. As we stopped and set the brakes I could see that we were not the first on the scene. There were 3 or 4 Air-stream trailers parked to the side. When I hopped down,and rushed forward, I realized I was stepping in someones hair and brains. There were three children involved , a baby boy about a year old still in a car seat, screaming his head off. A little girl about three, apparently unhurt, and another girl about four with a mild asphalt rash on her arms and legs. A young man was on his knees cradling the injured child. Suddenly he stood up, Where is my wife , he cried. She is still in the van, an older gentleman said. I need to go to her, I need to see her. No You don't, she didn't make it, and you don't need to see her explained the older fellow. Has any one called this in? I asked . We stopped a fellow and sent him on to Deming to call the state police. Thank God for Grand Mothers, there were the or four, just like yours and mine taking care of the children. Is there anything we can do to help I offered. No, we are just waiting now, was the reply. Well, Whirley Bird, let's move the luggage and clothes to the side, and get out of here. Shouldn't we wait for the police, he asked. The police can see what happened, these people have had a bad enough day without having their stuff scattered all over. My wife and I are going to stay. OK I'll see you Later, James


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