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Going To California



Joey Spencer, was just a young fellow when I first met him. He had a young family also. If my memory serves me right, there were two or three little girls along with a boy who was about three and a half, at the time. Every time Joey would start getting ready to leave on his run. That little fellow would say " Mama, I'm going to California with Daddy this time." Then every time, Joey would have to get him up into the truck and hold him. After talking to him for a while, joey would pass him off to Mama and leave. Not this time. I'm not staying here this time, he announced. I'm going to California with you Dad. To keep from leaving on a sour note, Joey told his wife," I'm just going over to Athens to pick up a load of chickens, probably won't take long then I'll bring him back by." WRONG. It took all day. That chicken plant actually has a nice break area, and cafeteria. Joey didn't know that though, He and his son spent the whole day on the opposite side of the plant, backed up to a loading dock. The day was about gone, when he finally got his bill of lading and closed the trailer doors. When he stopped off at home he got out and carried a worn out little boy inside. as his mother took him into her arms, the little man said "Mama I'm not going back to California no more" Why son, she asked? " Cause there's no food and there ain't nobody to play with." Good Night, James


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