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Culture Shock, Just A Small Case



Aguilar Colorado, just a small place, small fuel stop, small cafe. I sat in a rear booth nursing a cup of coffee, along with a bad case of the Mullygrubs. What's Mullygrubs? Well, it's a state of mind, kind of like the" Can't Hepit's" mixed with the " Don"t Lakit's". I had left Denver earlier in the day, empty again, and was dreading the prospect of having to clear the NM, port of entry. I still haven't forgotten the Alamo. The self important attitude of the port officers, coupled with the fact that NM has an agreement with Colorado to collect fees and fuel tax unpaid when leaving CO. all added to the way I was feeling. Shucks, I would probably head out through the Comanche National Grass Lands, and just bypass the whole mess. As I sat there, looking out of the window, I saw a Tyson truck pull into the lot, and in a few minutes, the driver came in and sat in a booth nearby. The waitress brought a menu and took his order for ice tea. When she came back I overheard him say " I think I will just have a bowl of chili". FLASHBACK, Van Horn Texas, the Chevron Truck Stop Greyhound Bus station. I was a lot younger then and had started hauling produce from California to Atlanta. Just like this driver, I knew I didn't want another cheeseburger, Chili I told the waitress, and about a gallon of iced tea. When she brought my order, I did a double take, it looked like beef stew. large pieces of stew beef and peppers. just like beef stew only no carrots, just pepper no potatoes, just pepper no onions, just pepper. Wow. Red or Green I heard the waitress say. Huh. Red or Green. Red or Green what? Said the driver. Chili said the waitress. WAIT A MINUTE. Where are you from I asked? Alabama, he replied, north of Birmingham.

Well, I explained, they don't make chili out here, like we make it at home. Can you bring this driver a sample of red chili, I asked? Just a spoonful? Sure can. Wow, he exclaimed after tasting, I am sure glad you said something, I'll have something else. I guess if a man likes home cooking, he needs to stay at home. I like truck stop food myself. Home cooking tears my stomach up. Hope every one has a good day, James

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Tha's A good one.I don't go that far west anymore,never did much,but I like chili with beef (I use hamburger when I make it ),red kidney beans,tomatoes,onions,garlic,chili powder,cumin,maybe a green pepper,and A little more cumin,and...that's about it.

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